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[ALERT] Recent Scam Email: Do Not Click

Posted: 09:59:08, Tuesday, Feb 2, 2016   Expiration: 09:59:08, Tuesday, Feb 9, 2016  

A phishing email was recently sent out to some or all of campus that is disguised as a warning pertaining to a James Madison University email account. If you receive this email, delete it immediately and do not click on any of the links. Please continue reading for more information.

An email with the Subject: Warning!!! Code JmU2zX was sent out to members of the Madison campus. This email states that users must upgrade their email accounts or risk having their email blocked or suspended. The body of the email is shown below:

Dear JMU E-mail User,
Due to the congestion and spamming in all JMU E-mail users accounts, you are required to update your account with our Internet Security 2016. New version to avoid resource spam, viruses and Spyware.

If you have not upgraded your account, kindly Click on this Link [link URL redacted] fill in the columns mark  Asterisk (*) and Submit to update our database account immediately.

Warning!!! Code: JmU2zX
Failure to update will process your JMU E-mail account being temporarily blocked or suspended from our network and may not be able to receive or send e-mail due to the update.

James Madison University
2016 ITS Help Desk.

This email is a phishing attempt and should be ignored and deleted.

For more information on identifying phishing attempts, as well as the steps to take if you believe your account may have been compromised by a phishing attempt, please see the following guide: https://it.wisc.edu/news/learn-how-to-recognize-and-report-phishing/.

-- DoIT Help Desk

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