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New WiscWorld AutoUpdater for the Mac

Posted: 2001-03-12 10:09:08   Expiration: 2001-03-12 10:09:08

Disclaimer: This news item was originally posted on 2001-03-12 10:09:08. Its content may no longer be timely or accurate.

A new WiscWorld AutoUpdater is now available to Mac users on campus. It can be downloaded at WiscWorld web site.

Macintosh computer users now have a convenient way to update their WiscWorld software. Using the new WiscWorld AutoUpdater, users can determine if an update exists for a particular software client and then download and install it.

When run, the AutoUpdater displays a list of WiscWorld clients. The user then selects a client from the list and clicks Begin Search . . .. The AutoUpdater scans the computer’s hard drives for the presence of that client and checks for a newer version on a server. If a newer version exists, the user has the option of downloading it along with installation instructions for the client.

Until now, many WiscWorld users either continued to rely on obsolete software or updated their client set in a haphazard, error-prone way. The AutoUpdater provides a systematic, easy-to-use way to deliver updated software. The AutoUpdater is available at Click on AutoUpdater. A WiscWorld AutoUpdater for Windows-based computers is now under development.

-- Annette Stratman-Durrer