DoIT Student & Full-Time Employee Networking Event

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The Student Leadership Council is excited to announce the upcoming DoIT Student & Full-Time Employee Networking event on March 13th. This is a paid event, with food, that will provide students a great opportunity to talk to some of DoIT's best in an informal and relaxed setting.

Event Description

The Student Leadership Council (SLC) is hosting its second annual Student and Full-Time Employee Networking Event!

The session will kick off with a few words by DoIT COO, John Krogman followed by a keynote presentation given by Director of User Services, Brandon Bernier, followed by a brief Q&A. You will get the opportunity to speak in a small group setting with full-time DoIT employees, many of whom were student employees here at DoIT before transitioning to their current position. Food and great conversation will be provided!

Event Time & Place

Monday, March 13th, 2017
4:00pm - 6:00pm
Computer Sciences, Room 3139abc

How to Attend

If you would like to attend this event, please RSVP by completing this survey by Monday, March 6th 2017.

Who is Going?

John holds a BS degree in Mining Engineering and a MS in Mining Engineering from UW Madison. After five years in the coal mining industry in West Virginia and Illinois, he joined the faculty of the Mining Engineering Department at UW-Platteville in 1981. He later moved into General Engineering eventually become Professor and Department Chair. He then served as UW-Platteville's CIO from 2001 to 2008. He was hired as DoIT's first Chief Operating Officer in January 2009 and has served in that role since, overseeing a $100+ million operation with nearly 600 full time staff and 200 student employees.

Brandon Bernier currently serves as the Director of User Services for the Division of Information Technology (DoIT) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Brandon works directly with campus partners and customers to provide high value end-user services throughout the UW-Madison and the UW-system community. He leads the areas of the Helpdesk, Tech Store & Support, Product Management, Departmental Support, and Info Labs which are dedicated to advancing the University mission and the Wisconsin Idea.

Prior to his position at UW-Madison, Brandon worked in multiple administrative and technology roles at Oakland University in Rochester, MI.

Brandon received his undergraduate degree from Michigan State University in Telecommunication and his MBA from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI.

Lisa currently serves as the IAM Service Delivery Team Lead in Middleware. In this role, she provides leadership for the team responsible for the delivery and support of the IAM suite of services. Lisa started her career at DoIT in 2003 as a student employee in Applications Development & Integration (ADI) as a program assistant. Shortly thereafter, Lisa moved into a desktop support role in ADI providing customized desktop support services for ADI employees. This role was then expanded to support all of DoIT. During this time, Lisa was hired as a full-time employee just prior to gaining her undergraduate degree in Dietetics in 2006. In 2010 Lisa moved into Systems Engineering as part of the Linux Team. In this role Lisa was responsible for Linux systems administration for departmental and enterprise servers and applications. In 2015 Lisa moved into the Linux Team Lead position, her first formal leadership role. In this role she provided guidance, direction and work prioritization for the SE Linux Team which is responsible for the support of approximately 300 Linux servers for the University of Wisconsin. In 2016 Lisa was selected to participate in the IT Leadership Program (ITLP) and is currently going through the program.

With nearly 25 years of experience, Sean Bossinger is a leader in Information Technology customer service, currently serving as an Assistant Director in User Services for the Division of Information Technology, managing their Help Desk. From the nuclear power industry, to financial services, to healthcare, to higher education, his industry-diverse experience has given him the opportunity to lead teams meeting the needs of many different types of customers. Throughout his professional career, one thing has remained constant: his passion in leading teams to customer service success through the strengths of ideation, cohesiveness, and inclusivity. He graduated in 1993 from the University of Florida with a degree in German Language and Literature. In his free time, Sean enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons, and improvising with the Monkey Business Institute and Eighty-Proof Underdogs, improvisational comedy troupes based in Madison, Wisconsin.

Phyllis Treige serves as User Experience Team Lead for the Division of Information Technology (DoIT). She strives first to get to the heart of user and business challenges, and then to design experiences, content, and processes to support them. At organizations like the California Courts, Hiebing and Capella, she has helped shape strategy and implementation to support innovative experiences. Most recently, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Phyllis built the first dedicated experience design and content strategy team. Phyllis studied English and Women’s Studies at University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Five years ago Patrick started at DoIT as a level 1 Help Desk student phone agent. Shortly thereafter he was promoted to a Help Desk Quality Assurance agent, his first experience as a leader in IT. After 2 years in this position he graduated, briefly served as an LTE, and two weeks later, was hired as an FTE for the DoIT Tech Store.

Prior to receiving the offer to become a Tech Store Team Lead Patrick's plan was to attend graduate school for English Literature. However, after a year in the team lead role he found himself wanting to learn and grow in IT leadership. He found the opportunities provided by the Tech Store incredible because they allowed him to apply critical thinking skills to difficult situations in order to reach creative solutions. He continued to lead through a major change during which the Repair team and Service Desk became part of the Tech Store. At the time his role was to onboard new staff, assure current staff that they could learn the new skills, and help think of new services to offer but it was shortly after that when he applied to his current position as the Repair supervisor.

In Patrick's current position he is responsible for the operations, performance, hiring and recruitment, budget, and special projects in Repair. In Repair, he finds it extremely valuable to try new things and has had the opportunity to learn and practice hardware repair skills, marketing, hiring best practices, accounting, strategy, operations, and teamwork, amongst an ever-growing variety of other work opportunities. In addition, through the support of DoIT and his manager, he is pursuing an MBA (Evening Class of 2018), which he regards as a rewarding and helpful experience. To wrap things up, Patrick remarks that the last 5 years (and looking ahead) with DoIT have taken him on an unexpected, but incredibly rewarding, career path.

Chad entered the world of IT/DoIT as a teacher instead of as a techie. He came to UW–Madison in 2005 for the PhD program in Italian literature and had taught university-level Italian courses for 8 years (including 4 here) before transitioning to help other teachers use technology effectively in their classes as a TA for L&S Learning Support Services in 2009. Then in the Fall 2010 semester he began a position as a PA for the E-Learning Roadmap Group with a home base in DoIT's Professional Technical Education team. Soon thereafter, he took a full-time position as a consultant for the Learn@UW Madison team in DoIT Academic Technology. After doing many teacher trainings and workshops, Chad moved over to the Faculty Engagement team to help create and facilitate AT's blended learning programs. He ultimately finished his PhD in his “free time” (not recommended, he says) in 2015 and later that year decided to adjust his career path again, this time as a consultant for Academic Technology's Evaluation Design & Analysis team.

Before Cari started her career at DoIT, she had just gotten an associate's degree in Programming and Website Development from Madison College. Wanting to gain some professional experience in her field, she applied for an internship with Departmental Support (DS) to do some front-end web development working on a couple content management systems. She came in for an interview, and because of her customer service background and strong interest in learning more about IT, she was encouraged to apply to the open full-time Operations and Queue Management position with DS.

From working in this job, Cari gained experience in what working in the “real world” is all about; grew her communication, leadership and professional skills; and attained a more well-rounded picture of what the IT field has to offer. While she greatly values everything that she has learned in the position, after a little over two years, Cari was ready to get back into technical work.

In July of 2016, Cari transitioned to the Security and Application Support (SAS) team within DS, which she regards as great learning experience so far. In her new position, she helps with system administration and desktop support in the security compliance environments that DS supports as well as application administration for a couple different applications that are used on campus.

Eventually, Cari would like to get back into programming, but for now, she's happy with where she is and very excited about continuing to grow and learn.

Joe currently manages the Integrated Applications ( IA ) group within DoIT Application Development and Integration ( ADI ). IA is a group of 18 software engineers providing custom application development and front-end web development to both DoIT and, more broadly, to campus. His role includes strategic decision making related to his group as well as contributing strategically to both ADI and DoIT as a whole. He also is responsible for stakeholder relationship management, financial management, and staff management.

In his previous roles, Joe has had a very broad set of responsibilities and areas of focus beginning with end user support for NetID, email and list services all the way through service management for Access Management, List Services, and Campus Active Directory where he had the opportunity to contribute to or lead a number of significant campus initiative.

His formal education was in Atmospheric Sciences at Texas A&M.

Sarah is the User Services' Process Improvement Specialist and Engagement Coordinator. She works at the department level to provide process improvement analysis, design, and management for all business groups within User Services. Additionally, she works directly with our Engagement Manager to deploy the department engagement strategy to our group and campus. Collectively, she works closely with User Services' leadership team to collaborate and help User Services' groups deliver high quality services to their customers. She has been selected nationally to present User Services' metrics/KPI's framework and developed at an Educause conference this April.

Prior to this role, Sarah was a Student Lead & Web Content Writer for the KB with the Help Desk. Recognized for her leadership and communication talents, she was chosen to develop and lead new training sessions for new staff in areas of technical support, customer service, and internal workflow that significantly increased staff efficiency. Additionally, she was a founding member and Co-Chair of User Services' Student Leadership Council (SLC).

Sarah graduated from UW-Madison with a B.S. in Neurobiology, Psychology, and Russian Language & Literature.

Terry's bio is coming soon!

During his fifteen years at DoIT Chris has contributed to the success of the organization at a variety of levels, starting as a student service desk agent and making his way to an enterprise IT specialist responsible for supervising a team that provides services for computing infrastructure across campus. He is committed to delivering best practice IT services with an emphasis on providing an outstanding customer service experience.

Chris' time as a student support agent and later as a lead hardware repair technician for what was then DoIT Repair and Desktop Support gave him the opportunity to interact with thousands of customers every year. He learned how critical it is to set expectations with customers to provide a successful experience. He also learned the importance of empathy and open, honest communication in helping to mediate the inevitable difficult customer service situations that can arise in all service environments.

In Chris' current capacity as the supervisor for DoIT Departmental Support Endpoint Management Team, he oversees a group of talented, highly technical staff in supporting the endpoint management infrastructure that secures over 5000 endpoints, both within DoIT itself, as well as within departments around campus. He provides updates to User Services and DoIT leadership on the state of DoIT's endpoint support technologies, and is comfortable communicating information about complex systems and processes in both small and large group environments.

Want to Know More?

If you have any questions about this event, feel free to email!

-- Student Leadership Council: Justin Essert

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