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Peterson Building Outage 03/17/01

Posted: 2001-03-16 03:26:52   Expiration: 2001-03-16 03:26:52

Disclaimer: This news item was originally posted on 2001-03-16 03:26:52. Its content may no longer be timely or accurate.

At 9:00AM on Saturday 3/17 Peterson Building servers and network switches will be shut down for a few hours. Admissions, Registrar and OSFS web sites will be unavailable.

At 9:00AM on Saturday 3/17 the electricians will be in the server room, B21 AWP, to repair code violations and install outlets for new UPS's. It will be necessary to shut down all our servers and network switches for a few hours. If all goes well everything will be back on line by 1:00PM. The following services will be unavailable:

JUMPGATE - Admissions, Registrar and OSFS web sites.
ACADSVCS2 - Netware file server (H: drives)
DASMAIL - Registrars and OSFS email
Name service for locating internet sites
All network connections in the Peterson building

OSFS and Admissions will have network connectivity but will be unable to access internet sites by name. ISIS should function for OSFS and Admissions but not for Registrars.

-- Mike Diewald