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Two Infoaccess Databases Are Moving (Afternoon, 10/09)

Posted: 18:00:00, Tuesday, Oct 5, 2004   Expiration: 18:00:00, Wednesday, Oct 6, 2004  

Two Infoaccess Databases (dwhdvlp and dwhacpt) are moving this afternoon. Those using these databases will need to make changes.

This afternoon (10/06/2004), two databases on infoaccess, the data warehouse server, are moving to another server, huron. The databases being moved are dwhdvlp, the development database, and dwhacpt, the acceptance database. Once these moves are complete, anyone trying to access these databases will need to change the related tnsnames.ora file entries or risk receiving a ORA-12541:TNS:no listener message.

For DoIT staff, a tnsnames.ora file with the new entries can be found on the shared network drive at N:oracle. There are two choices:

1) Copy the entries for the two databases from that file and paste them into the one on the person's machine.

2) Make a backup copy of the existing tnsnames.ora file and then replace it with the one from the shared network drive.

The tnsnames.ora file on the person's machine is usually found in the oraclenetworkadmin directory. The actual path names may vary slightly.

For non-DoIT staff, open a Clarify case.

-- Steve Mayeshiba

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