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Canvas - Scheduler Workflow Update

Posted: 2017-09-07 11:29:24   Expiration: 2017-10-01 11:29:24

Disclaimer: This news item was originally posted on 2017-09-07 11:29:24. Its content may no longer be timely or accurate.

Instructure has updated the Scheduler appointment group functionality, consolidating the button with Add Event.

This update allows instructors and students to more intuitively view and manage appointment groups created for a course. 

Instructor View

The Scheduler button has been consolidated with the Add Event button. For instructors, creating a Scheduler appointment group is a new tab in the Add Event window. Existing functionality for appointment groups has not been affected. However, instructors can only create appointment groups for courses that are displayed in the Calendar sidebar


Once an appointment group is created, the appointment dates and times display directly in the instructor’s calendar. Time slots that have been claimed are shown as a solid color; unclaimed time slots are slightly faded. However, please note that if an appointment group is added to more than one course, appointment slots only display in the calendar for the first course shown in the appointment group.


Instructors can click each appointment to view individual sign ups, student comments, or remaining slots available. Instructors can also edit the number of users who can sign up for an individual appointment slot.


Within each date and time, instructors can also click the Group Details button to view the entire appointment group, which opens in a new window. In the Group Details page, instructors can view all details for the appointment group as per existing Scheduler functionality, add new appointment slots, and message students. Additionally, instructors can view the status of each appointment slot along with the name of each user in the reservation. 

Calendar View

Student View

Students can find appointments with the Find Appointments button in the Calendar sidebar and display an appointments window. Any available appointment group in any calendar will be displayed for the students to select. Previously students could only view appointment groups for courses being displayed in their Calendar sidebar.

Student View

Once a student selects a course from the appointment window, all available appointments display in the student’s calendar. Faded time slots indicate the time slot has been reserved.


The student can reserve any appointment slot by clicking a date and time.


Once a time slot has been reserved, the student can close the appointment group view by clicking the Close button in the sidebar. Only the reserved time slot will display in the student’s calendar.


If students want to change their time slots, they must click the Find Appointment button again and repeat the appointment process.

-- Learn@UW Madison