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Canvas - Notifications Sender Name Changing

Posted: 06:54:37, Friday, Sep 15, 2017   Expiration: 07:54:37, Sunday, Oct 1, 2017  

After 9/16/2017, when users view course notifications in their email, all notifications are sent from the course name.

This change helps students more easily identify notifications from a specific course. Previously course notifications were also sent from Instructure Canvas or "University of Wisconsin - Madison".

Email Example

This update ensures sender notifications display according to their appropriate context.

  • Notifications in a user context always display the user name (e.g. Conversation messages). 
  • Notifications in a course context always display the course name. However, if a nickname has been set by a user in the Dashboard, the nickname overrides the default course name.
  • Notifications in an account context display the default account name. However, if a custom account name has been set in Account Settings, the custom name overrides the default account name. Account notifications are used for daily and weekly course notification summaries.

-- Learn@UW Madison

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