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MacOS X support starts Sat, 3/24

Posted: 2001-03-23 06:55:46   Expiration: 2001-03-23 06:55:46

Disclaimer: This news item was originally posted on 2001-03-23 06:55:46. Its content may no longer be timely or accurate.

Saturday, 03/24/01, Mac OS X(10) will be available from the DoIT Tech Store. Customers will be instructed to call the Help Desk with questions. See here for handling information.

Tomorrow, Saturday, March 24, 2001, Mac OS X(10) will be available for purchase from the DoIT tech store. Customers will be instructed to call the Help Desk with questions. If you get a call, please follow our on-line "Apple MacOS Handling Information" procedure document located at:

Mac OS X is a complete rewrite of the Mac OS based on free BSD UNIX. It adds features like protected memory and multi-tasking. Mac OS X is scheduled to be released on March 24, 2001. It is not set to start being pre-installed on Macintoshes until July 2001. Mac OS X should run existing Macintosh applications however, to utilize many of the features of OS X software will have to be rewritten to gain full use.

We expect call volume to be fairly low since the March 24th release is being targeted to high power / early adopter Mac users who may want use it to investigate ease-of-use and compatibility with existing software applications and peripherals. DoIT will not widely publicize the release until around June / July 2001. David is currently working with POST to set up training for the Help Desk agents; look for it in the next month or so. Initially, our support for Mac OS X will be limited to "call tracking" until we get training and troubleshooting procedures. As more information becomes available you will be informed. Stay tuned!

Product name "Apple MacOS X(10)" has been added to the Clairfy product list.

If you have questions or problem, please see Wanjiru P., John S, Jeff W, or your Tlead.

-- Wanjiru K. Pontes