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ISDEV & ISTST backup schedule

Posted: 2001-04-05 05:18:57   Expiration: 2001-04-05 05:18:57

Disclaimer: This news item was originally posted on 2001-04-05 05:18:57. Its content may no longer be timely or accurate.

ISDEV database will be backed up every Friday at 10:00 PM, and ISTST Wednesday at 8:00 PM. These test databases will not be available during backups.

This is the backup schedule for the ISDEV and ISTST databases. During the backup of the test databases they are down and unavailable for use. Note that the ISTST backup now begins earlier on Wednesday evening than it used to and runs longer into Thursday morning.

As ISTST grows (as it does each time it's refreshed from production), we can expect this backup time to get longer.

ISDEV backup, weekly
Friday at 10 PM until it's done usually about 7 AM on Saturday.

ISTST backup, weekly
Wednesday at 8 PM until it's done, usually about 8:10 AM on Thursday.

-- Nina Boss