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Expedited Database Maintenance for Middleware Databases

Posted: 2018-08-14 14:09:06   Expiration: 2018-08-23 18:00:00

Disclaimer: This news item was originally posted on 2018-08-14 14:09:06. Its content may no longer be timely or accurate.

Emergency maintenance is being performed in Middleware databases to address a critical vulnerability.

This maintenance will impact both non-production and production Oracle databases. If your application relies on Middleware Oracle databases, please ensure you familiarize yourself with the maintenance schedule below and take appropriate action to minimize the impact to your application.

Relevant updates will be posted to the DoIT Outages Page during the maintenance windows. While problems aren’t anticipated, the criticality of the situation may require a change to the schedule on short notice. If the schedule is changed, this KB News Item will be updated, email will be sent and the outage page will be updated.

Once the maintenance is complete, please test your application functionality as soon as possible. If issues are discovered, email

IMPORTANT: A precise procedure must be followed by users of the redundant PHEXPP environment to to ensure uninterrupted service during planned maintenance to PHEXPP1 and PHEXPP2. Instructions for this procedure are found in [Link for document 60684 is unavailable at this time].

WARNING: If you've historically depended on automatic failover, beware that Oracle's upgrade locks accounts and some clients will not see that as the database being unavailable and will not automatically switch instances. We are working on solutions to this but will not be able to solve it on this tight timeline.

Oracle Database Maintenance Schedule:

Databases: Maintenance Schedule: Impact: Partner Action Needed:
Completed MSTTST followed by GAMSTSDB Thursday, 8/16/18 5am-11am
  • MSTTST and GAMSTSDB will be unavailable.
  • ITE Manifest will be unavailable when GAMSTSDB is unavailable.
  • Many ITE MST Web Services will not be able to deliver data when MSTTST is unavailable.
PHEXPP1 Tuesday, 8/21/18 5am-11am
  • Prior to 8/21, switch applications to connect to PHEXPP2 first.
  • After maintenance, switch applications to connect to PHEXPP1 first.
  • Notify if issues are discovered after the maintenance.
Future GAMSDB Wednesday, 8/22/18 5am-8am
  • Manifest will be unavailable.
IAMDB Wednesday, 8/22/18 6pm-9pm
  • Oracle Identity Manager will be unavailable.
UWPDR followed by PHEXPP2 Thursday, 8/23/18 4am-11am
  • Properly configured clients of PHEXPP should see no impact.
  • Any data access to schemas on UWPDR (IAA) (e.g. UDSVIEWS, IAAVIEWS, PASEVIEWS, IDM, PASE and IAAREG) will be unavailable.
  • MST Web Services will not be able to deliver data.
  • New data will not flow through Person Hub to downstream IAA and UDS customers.
  • NetID and Service Activation will be unavailable.
  • After 8/21 and before 8/23, switch applications to connect to PHEXPP1 first.
  • Notify if issues are discovered after the maintenance.

-- Middleware: Lisa Bender