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Canvas - Quizzes.Next Status at UW-Madison

Posted: 16:45:31, Tuesday, Sep 4, 2018   Expiration: 16:45:31, Monday, Feb 11, 2019

Quizzes.Next is not currently available in UW-Madison's production instance of Canvas.

Quizzes.Next is available to try out in our Canvas beta environment. While the tool moved to a "general availability" status on June 30, Instructure has still been branding it as a beta product. Due to the sensitive nature of quizzing, the Learn@UW-Madison team will not be enabling Quizzes.Next for production courses until Instructure has confirmed that tool has achieved feature parity with the current Quiz interface. We will continue to monitor the status of Quizzes.Next and will update the campus community when there are new developments.

-- Learn@UW Mad: Angela Terrab

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