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Learn@UW (D2L) Upgrade to version 7.4.1

Posted: 19:00:00, Monday, Apr 25, 2005   Expiration: 19:00:00, Monday, May 2, 2005  

The Learn@UW software will be upgraded to version 7.4.1 this summer. There will be 2 scheduled outages of the Learn@UW system for this upgrade. Learn@UW customers will not be able to access the servers during the scheduled outages.

The first scheduled outage will be on Apr. 27 and Apr. 28. In preparation for this upgrade we will be updating the file directory structure on the Learn@UW production servers. There will be an outage from 5am -7am on Apr. 28. At 7am, we will enable 1 application server out of 4. From 8am-10am, we will be enabling 2 other app servers. App4 will be put into production sometime Apr. 28 or Apr. 29. So starting at 7am, customers should again be able to login, but response time may be slower until all 4 servers are available again.

The actual outage for the upgrade is currently scheduled from 10pm on June 1 thru noon on June 2nd. During this time, Learn@UW will not be available. Instead a Learn@UW outage will be posted in place of the normal Learn@UW login pages.

Please contact the help desk with any questions or concerns about these outages.

-- Learn@UW support team (c/o Hildy Feen)

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