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Accessibility - Media Transcribing and / or Captioning benefits

Captioning and transcription benefits are often associated with individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing. The benefits, however, go beyond this population, and are valuable for many learners.

It's the Law(s)! and Learning benefits of captions and transcripts for multiple populations

Captioning benefits are often associated with individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. Research in the 1980's concluded that captions could turn media into a moving storybook - "a steady stream of written language presented with both video and audio reinforcement" (Koskinen, Wilson, and Jensema). Reading and listening comprehension, word recognition, decoding skills and more are benefits of using captions, as well as contributing to literacy for several populations, including english as a second language learners (Lewis).  

In addition to the learning benefits of captions, important laws requiring captioning  have been passed, the University of Wisconsin System Accessibility Statement and University of Wisconsin-Madison Policy Governing World Wide Web Accessibility require captions and transcripts for media on the web.

Further reading:

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