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DoIT Digital Publishing & Printing Services (DP&PS) provides a centralized service with which UW-Madison faculty and instructors can submit materials for the creation of course packets for their students. Course packets may include articles, diagrams, photos and other reference materials. In addition to the physical assembly and distribution of course packets, DP&PS will obtain any necessary copyright clearance you need, a very important consideration.

DP&PS takes the burden of assembling course packets away from you and puts in on our shoulders. We also provide your students with convenient options, such as online ordering and shipping and delivery services — services which are generally not available through other local vendors.

How It Works

Important Note: For course packets that require copyright clearance, faculty should allow 4-6 weeks for processing.

  1. You contact DP&PS at (608) 262-3461 or for a free consultation. Together, we will review the materials you are thinking about including and help you determine those for which you need copyright clearance. For this first consultation, you should bring a bibliography or photocopy the copyright page from each work, so that we have the publishing information we need to obtain clearance for each item.
  2. During the consultation, we will review your needs and complete any other needed paperwork, such as the course description for online ordering, your timeline, needed quantities, estimated pricing, etc. We will also let you know where you can direct students when they are ready to purchase the course packets.
  3. You provide us with a hard copy or electronic files of each item to be included in the course packet.
  4. DP&PS will obtain any necessary copyright clearance from the Copyright Clearance Center for any course materials requiring it. As noted, this usually takes from four to six weeks, so please plan ahead. The final price of the packets will include the fees paid to the publishers for copyright clearance.
  5. When all necessary clearance has been obtained, DP&PS will digitize and print the needed materials and assemble the course packets. Your custom course packet can be produced on any of our stock papers and will be bound according to your specifications. Your course packets will be produced digitally on at our state-of-the-art print facility. DP&PS can also provide you with graphic design assistance to enhance the look of your packets.
  6. Course packets, in a quantity agreed upon by you and DP&PS in advance, will then be made available for pick-up at the DoIT Tech Store. Additional sets of packets will be digitally printed, on a quick turnaround basis, as they are needed.

Additional Option

To save students some of the costs associated with copyright clearance and printing, you can direct students to the full-text material already available at no charge from the libraries’ online subscriptions. In this scenario, students would link to particular articles online, rather than having them included in the actual course packets. For more information, contact Carrie Kruse, College Library,

Advantages for Your Students

  • DP&PS is the only local course packet service that provides all of the following conveniences:
  • Overall ease of purchase. No long lines, no waiting. In fact, there’s no need for students to leave the comfort of their own home at all.
  • Ability to order course packets online through the DoIT Tech Store catalog.
  • Ability to have course packets delivered by the Tech Store to their place of residence, for a small shipping fee.
  • Ability to pay with a credit card.
  • Digitized course packets on demand. (No waiting several days when quantities run short).
  • Ability to accept returned course packets. (Some limitations may apply.)

Please contact DP&PS for a free consultation at (608) 262-3461 or

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