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Information about unwanted or unsolicited emails

This document is designed to help Office 365 users deal with unwanted and/or unsolicited emails.

FERPA protection

The University of Wisconsin does not provide a way for students to opt out of all unsolicited email. The University of Wisconsin reserves the right to email all addresses on record when it is deemed important to student experience, health and/or safety.

Students may be able to reduce the amount of unsolicited mailings they receive by invoking FERPA protection. However, this will not have any impact on unsolicited mail coming from external sources. The Office of the Registrar has more information about student privacy rights and FERPA available for consideration. However, FERPA protection may result in problems using some services, such as My WebSpace or Qualtrics, which generally check for FERPA protection. If FERPA protection is invoked, your ability to use these applications may be limited.

Restricting or filtering unwanted mail

You may also restrict third-party email to your Office 365 account using the following document: [Link for document 4147 is unavailable at this time.].

If you are receiving spam or phishing emails you can find more information on reporting the incident here: Office 365 - Submit a message as spam/phishing. More information about junk mail filtering and Office 365 is described in Office 365 - Learn about junk email and phishing.

Unwanted mail via the WiscList services

You may also receive unwanted mail via the WiscList service. If you are receiving unwanted email from a WiscList you can unsubscribe from the list (see WiscList - Unsubscribing from a List) or contact the administrator of the list (see WiscList - Contacting List Administrators) if you believe that the unwanted mail is contrary to the intended purpose of the WiscList. The administrator of the list may be able to take steps to restrict external mail or remove troublesome users, when applicable.

If you believe the University of Wisconsin – Madison’s Appropriate Use Policy has been violated you may submit a report to the Incident Response Team using the following link:

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