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1Kaltura - Overview [UW-Madison]454632023-12-0719020
2Canvas - Upload and Embed a New Kaltura Mediaspace Video in a Canvas Page [UW-Madison]629512023-12-1956965
3Kaltura - Adding Questions to Your Videos with Kaltura Video Quizzes [UW-Madison]609582024-03-1315759
4Kaltura - Known Issue - "Kaltura Gallery" Course Media Gallery Import Only Shows Canvas Courses in Which the User Has the Canvas Role of "Teacher" or "Principal Instructor" [UW-Madison]912752024-02-275453
5Kaltura - MediaSpace Players [UW-Madison]606132024-01-0211675
6Kaltura - Adding or Editing Chapters in MediaSpace Timeline [UW-Madison]635792024-01-026622
7Kaltura - Choosing a Microphone and Setting Levels for Recording Quality Audio [UW-Madison]578522024-01-0221306
8Kaltura - Media Collaboration: Changing Media Ownership, Adding Co-editors, Co-publishers, and Co-viewers [UW-Madison]497072024-01-0217018
9Kaltura - MediaSpace Video Editing Tools [UW-Madison]792962024-01-028155
10Kaltura - How to Get a Link or Embed Code to a Video in MediaSpace [UW-Madison]424852024-01-0220554
11Kaltura - MediaSpace Standalone Playlists Compared to Channel Playlists [UW-Madison]425192024-01-0213368
12Kaltura MediaSpace - Recommended Video Source Formats and Specifications [UW-Madison]472642024-01-0217667
13Kaltura - How to Change Media Thumbnails [UW-Madison]425202024-01-0211577
14Kaltura - How to Add a Captions File to Media in MediaSpace [UW-Madison]424812024-01-0212540
15Kaltura - Reviewing Analytics in MediaSpace Channels [UW-Madison]465292024-01-028363
16Kaltura - Recording Video with Webcam Recorder in MediaSpace [UW-Madison]909182024-01-027335
17Kaltura - Known Issue - Privacy and Ad-blocking Software Can Cause Issues with Kaltura MediaSpace [UW-Madison]424482024-01-027990
18Kaltura - How to Change Publication Settings to Media in Kaltura MediaSpace [UW-Madison]424882024-01-0219915
19Kaltura - Known Issue - Kaltura MediaSpace Gives "No matches found" Message When Trying to Add a User to a Channel, or When Using the Collaborators Function [UW-Madison]773412024-01-026840
20Kaltura - Known Issue - Kaltura MediaSpace Playlists Do Not Update Immediately Where the Playlist Is Embedded [UW-Madison]773332024-01-026078
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