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Campus example: Mike Judge | Wisconsin School of Business | How to address a business challenge with Intuit

Active Learning Examples

These examples were provided by participants of the Blended Learning Fellowship to show how active learning supports teaching and learning challenges in their school, college, institute, or division. The examples reference the work of Michelene T. H. Chi from the article "Active-Constructive-Interactive: A Conceptual Framework for Differentiating Learning Activities," which provides a taxonomy of activities that facilitate different kinds of student engagement with content in ways that support different cognitive outcomes (Chi 77).

campus example of active learning from School of Business

COURSE: MKT 765: Applied Learning Center for Brand and Product Management (CBPM)
DEPT: Marketing
SCID: Wisconsin School of Business

Learning Activity

The students were presented with an authentic and current challenge that the company Intuit was facing. They then participated in an internal process at Intuit to develop different ideas for addressing the challenge. The challenge was: What does Intuit have to do to get people who use a tax advisor to start using TurboTax?

Active Constructive Interactive
Doing something physically Producing outputs that contain ideas that go beyond the presented information Dialoguing substantively on the same topic
Students interviewed other designated students multiple times on their behaviors and attitudes related to tax preparation. Students created prototype apps and continued to develop them based on their interviews. Students produced new ideas for tax completion software and website design The class involved students questioning the instructor on the ideation process, reflecting on how they executed the process and what they learned from it.

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