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Campus example: Linda Lepe | School of Human Ecology | Money tendencies

Active Learning Examples

These examples were provided by participants of the Blended Learning Fellowship to show how active learning supports teaching and learning challenges in their school, college, institute, or division. The examples reference the work of Michelene T. H. Chi from the article "Active-Constructive-Interactive: A Conceptual Framework for Differentiating Learning Activities," which provides a taxonomy of activities that facilitate different kinds of student engagement with content in ways that support different cognitive outcomes (Chi 77).

campus example of active learning from the School of Human Ecology

DEPT: Consumer Science
SCID: School of Human Ecology

Learning Activity

Students use the Money Habitudes card deck to determine which of the six archetypes they display.

Active Constructive Interactive
Doing something physically Producing outputs that contain ideas that go beyond the presented information Dialoguing substantively on the same topic
Using the cards to sort 40 statements about how they view money. Utilize a worksheet to explore the pros and cons of money tendencies. Explore how the tendencies present themselves. "Provide an example that shows your tendency in action." Discuss at tables.

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