Hybrid Course Checklist

A checklist to ensure your hybrid course is ready for students.

Hybrid Course Checklist


  • Module learning objectives support your course learning outcomes.
  • Activities communicate course learning outcomes and module learning objectives to students.

Learning Activities

  • Learning activities have been created and structured to support a clear learning pathway.
  • Learning activities are organized from lower-level to higher-level learning approaches.
  • You have checked learning activities to ensure they align with and support your course learning outcomes and module learning objectives.

Teaching Approaches

  • You have a variety of learning approaches planned (lecture, active learning, small group discussions, and/or individual work).
  • You know how you will provide students with a conceptual framework of the goals of the class session (topics to be covered, supported course learning outcome, supported module learning objectives, and activities that will take place.
  • You have identified ways of facilitating the connections between concepts.
  • You have scheduled time for students to reflect, digest, and apply content before moving to a new topic.
  • You have found various ways for students to ask questions and get clarification on concepts.
  • You have identified resources that provide evidence of students' performance and learning behaviors.

Course Materials

  • Learning materials are provided in multiple formats (print and digital).
  • PowerPoint slides limit the amount of text presented on the slide.
  • The font size is large enough to read, it is sans serif, and the colors provide adequate contrast.
  • Slides use diagrams, tables, and graphics to represent content when appropriate.
  • The course syllabus complies with campus standards and is published in Canvas.

Feedback and Assessment

  • Students are aware of what and how content and learning will be assessed.
  • Student feedback on their performance is planned (both formative and summative).
  • You have identified activities that allow you to intervene in students' learning challenges.

Technology Support

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