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Using the PGA31 Headset Microphone with an AV presentation system

If you are teaching in a general assignment or departmental classroom that is outfitted with an AV presentation system and instructor cabinet, you may have been provided with a PGA31 headset microphone to use for the duration of your course. These instructions will help you in your use of the microphone.

To take advantage of the AV presentation system and get access to the body pack, you will need to get access codes to the instructor cabinet. Instructions and training for using the AV equipment in general assignment classrooms are offered by Classroom Media Support: For departmentally managed classrooms, use the contact information that may have already been provided to you or refer to signage in the classroom.

  • Find the bodypack in the cabinet. It may look like this:

mxw1_bodypack_transmitterShure BodyPack

  • If there is already a microphone plugged into the bodypack, unplug it and plug in your own PGA31 headset microphone.
  • Install the windscreen, which looks like a small piece of foam, on the microphone boom by placing it over the end. The PGA31 headset microphone looks like this and the end with the microphone is highlighted in red:

pga31 headset

  • Place the headband around the back of your head, with the boom on the left side.
  • Place the microphone at the corner of the mouth, about an inch away. Try not to place it too close to the face-covering or it will make noise through the speakers.
  • On the bodypack, find the on/off switch and switch to “on.”
  • Use the AV presentation system to control the microphone volume. Follow the instructions for use of the AV presentation system as appropriate. Refer to the online training, and contact Classroom Media Support for questions. 
  • Replace the batteries in the bodypack as needed. (Some bodypacks are rechargeable with plugs inside the instructor cabinet.)
  • At the completion of your class session, unplug your PGA31 headset microphone and bring it with you when you leave the classroom. Do not leave your microphone in the classroom. This is your microphone for the duration of the semester and the intent is that you do not share it with others.
  • Before you leave your classroom, turn the bodypack “off,” return it to the instructor cabinet, turn off the AV system, and wipe the touch-screen with a disinfectant wipe for the next user.

If you have questions or need assistance in the general assignment classrooms, contact the AV Help Desk: | (608) 890-4900

For departmentally-managed classrooms, use the contact information that may have already been provided to you or refer to signage in the classroom.

Demonstration Video

To watch a video of how to use the PGA31 headset microphone, click on the link or watch below:

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