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Definition of blended/hybrid learning

Getting started with hybrid instruction

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A definition of blended/hybrid learning for campus

Definition of blended/hybrid learning

At UW–Madison, blended courses are instructor-designed and supervised environments that use face-to-face and technology-mediated channels to enhance interactive, engaging learning experiences and improve student learning outcomes. Blended courses should have one or more of the following pedagogical characteristics:

  • a shift from teacher-centered instruction to student-centered learning;
  • significant interactions between student-instructor, student-student, and/or student-content; and/or
  • integrate formative and summative assessments for students and instructors.

On this campus, courses have three technology-mediation designations:

  • technology-enhanced: Less than 30% of the course includes technology-mediated learning activities.
  • blended: 30-99% of the course contains technology-mediated learning activities.
  • online: 100% of the course contains technology-mediated learning activities. – Blended Learning Fellowship Program

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