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Creating video content for courses

Multimedia Content

The following documents are provided to support the creation of video content supporting instruction efforts on campus. Campus service providers of these applications continue to manage and maintain general support documentation.

Two types of video content have emerged as essential for successful and engaging courses — Course Content Delivery Videos and Social Presence Videos. We have broken these resources into these two categories and created documentation on the following types of video content.

Content Delivery Types
Course Content Delivery
Social Presence
Narrated Presentations Course/Unit Orientation
Lectures, Stories, & Interviews Instructor Response
Screencasts and Webcam Student Feedback

The documents created to support these activities were written to help those new to video creation. The tools were leveraged, and the workflow identified to develop these kinds of video content was selected and written for ease of use. Some users with more experience with video content may find other tools more appropriate for their content creation.

Supported Applications

KnowledgeBase documents leverage the following tools, which are centrally supported and easy to use: Zoom, Microsoft PowerPoint, Kaltura MediaSpace, TechSmith Camtasia on your computer, and Kaltura MediaSpace Go and Canvas Teacher mobile applications for your smartphone.

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No.Document TitleIDUpdatedViews
1Creating Student Feedback Videos1070252024-04-182583
2Creating a Screencast Video with Camtasia (Windows)1072942024-05-162339
3Creating a Screencast Video with Camtasia (Mac)1071422024-05-161939
4Creating a Multi-Source Video with Camtasia (Windows)1071682024-05-163143
5Creating a Multi-Source Video with Camtasia (Mac)1070362024-05-163175
6Creating Narrated Presentations With PowerPoint (Windows)1072002024-04-264244
7Creating Narrated Presentations With PowerPoint (Mac)1072022024-04-263648
8Creating Instructor Response Videos1069852024-04-173268
9Developing Video Content for Students1037632024-04-173560
10Creating Course/Unit Introduction Videos1069992024-04-173346
11Recording Course Video in Zoom1068512024-04-163065
12Adding Video to Kaltura Gallery Using Canvas Teacher Mobile App (Android)1069762024-04-162521
13Adding Video to Kaltura Gallery Using Canvas Teacher Mobile App (iOS)1068762024-04-162420
14Recording and Uploading Video Using Kaltura MediaSpace Go Mobile App (iOS)1069742024-04-162145
15Adding Video To Canvas Announcements Using Canvas Teacher Mobile App (iOS)1068572024-04-163025
16Adding Video to Comments in Canvas SpeedGrader1068782024-04-162526
17Adding Video to Canvas Discussions Using Canvas Teacher Mobile App (iOS)1068742024-04-162152
18Low-Bandwidth Instruction1037592024-04-162263

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