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Facilitating student discussions online and in the classroom


Facilitating online discussions, both synchronously and asynchronously, is an integral part of engaging students. Successful discussions can require thoughtful planning, however. Thinking ahead of the topics you want students to discuss, the prompts they will be given, the structure of the discussion, and the desired outcome will all help build a meaningful student discussion.

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1Introductions and Community-Building Discussions1039082024-04-163375
2Integration and Documentation Discussions1039132024-04-162772
3Investigation and Research Discussions1039112024-04-162644
4Initial Content Engagement Discussions1039102024-04-162766
5Affordances of Online Discussions1040282024-04-164139
6Using Online Discussions to Increase Student Engagement1040342024-04-185599
7Problem-Solving — Example1039222024-04-162493
8Problem-Solving — Description1039212024-04-162341
9Facilitating In-Class Discussions1132532024-04-161793
10Using Top Hat Discussion Questions in Classrooms1042152024-04-164063
11Engaging ideas through classroom discussions1360272024-04-16120
12Activity Response - Description1039152024-04-162631
13Activity Response - Example1039162024-04-163333
14Student Introductions - Example1038382024-04-1635209
15Student Introductions - Description1036002024-04-164750
16Case Study - Description1039182024-04-162922
17Case Study - Example1039192024-04-162948
18Facilitating Online Discussions1132522024-04-162295
19Designing an Online Discussion1132512024-04-161663
20Activity Response - Rubric1039172024-04-162634
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