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Getting started with hybrid instruction

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Resources to help you deliver your blended course

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1How to deliver a hybrid course1212032023-12-284380
2Instructor considerations in delivering hybrid courses1211942024-04-241168
3Assessing Group Work1045862024-04-233574
4Academic integrity methods1211972024-04-231510
5Developing critical thinking skills for students1198632024-04-232960
6Module Zero1202662024-04-181767
7Gathering Feedback from Students1037622024-04-164620
8Facilitating In-Class Discussions1132532024-04-161897
9Using Top Hat Discussion Questions in Classrooms1042152024-04-164197
10Facilitating Online Discussions1132522024-04-162414
11Designing an Online Discussion1132512024-04-161775
12Group Work: Methods of Good Practice1141862024-04-162191
13Digital media assignments1211952024-04-162574
14Practicing Compassion with Course Workload1037602024-04-162529
15Keeping Students Informed & Engaged1037572024-04-163272
16Faculty and student perspectives on hybrid instruction1211672024-04-151184

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