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Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is where you question, analyze, interpret, evaluate, and judge what you read, hear, say, or write. Critical thinking is about making reliable judgments based on reliable information. It involves clarifying your thinking to break down a problem or a piece of information, interpret it, and use that interpretation to arrive at an informed decision or judgment.

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1Defining Features Matrix in Large Courses (online)1035842024-04-243406
2Pro and Con Grid in Large Courses (online)1037752024-04-243406
3Developing clinical judgment skills in nursing students1216872024-04-236175
4Pro and Con Grid (ALC)1184712024-04-161882
5Pro and Con Grid (online)1044082024-04-163549
6Pro and Con Grid1040892024-04-166688
7Analytic Memo (ALC)1184742024-04-161473
8Categorizing Grid (ALC)1184752024-04-161712
9Content, Form, and Function Outlines (ALC)1184732024-04-161563
10Defining Features Matrix (ALC)1184722024-04-161982
11Analytic Memo1041052024-04-166905
12Categorizing Grid1041072024-04-165622
13Content, Form, and Function Outlines1041122024-04-165609
14Defining Features Matrix1041132024-04-166536
15Building Clinical Judgment in Active Learning Classrooms1216982024-04-162221

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