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Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is a kind of thinking in which you question, analyse, interpret,evaluate, and judge what you read, hear, say, or write. Critical thinking is about making reliable judgments based on reliable information. It involves clarifying your thinking so that you can break down a problem or a piece of information, interpret it, and use that interpretation to arrive at an informed decision or judgment.

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1Guide for reflection using Tanner's Clinical Judgment Model1217002023-04-131393
2Developing clinical judgment skills in nursing students1216872023-04-132185
3Building clinical judgment in Active Learning Classrooms1216982023-02-28570
4Analytic Memo (classroom)1041052022-10-285170
5Categorizing Grid (classroom)1041072022-10-283545
6Content, Form, and Function Outlines (classroom)1041122022-10-283450
7Pro and Con Grid (classroom)1040892022-10-283846
8Defining Features Matrix (classroom)1041132022-10-283953
9Pro and Con Grid in Large Courses (online)1037752022-10-281963
10Defining Features Matrix in Large Courses (online)1035842022-10-282199
11Pro and Con Grid (ALC)1184712022-10-28874
12Defining Features Matrix (ALC)1184722022-10-28748
13Categorizing Grid (ALC)1184752022-10-28803
14Content, Form, and Function Outlines (ALC)1184732022-10-28758
15Analytic Memo (ALC)1184742022-10-28792
16Pro and Con Grid (online)1044082022-10-282336
17Skinny Reasoning Case Study Example1217182022-10-28550

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