KB User's Guide - Users Tab - Viewing, Modifying and Deleting Users

This document explains how to modify users in the KB Admin Tools, and what to do if a user needs to be removed.

    Viewing a User

    Click on the Users tab which defaults to the Existing Users: Active Users screen. You can view all your users or you may use the filters to limit your query.

    • Find - You may search for users by NetID, Domain, Name, Email or Subject area.
    • User status/ rights - This dropdown filter defaults to Active users and includes; Admin users, All users, Users with Publish rights, Inactive users.
    • User access group - This dropdown filter defaults to All user access groups and includes No user access groups and will list all your user access groups.
    • Limit - This dropdown filter defaults to 25 entries per page and goes up to 800 entries.
    • Go - Once you make your filter selection(s), click on the Go button to execute your search.

    Modifying a User

    1. Click on the Users tab which will lead you to the Existing Users: Active Users screen. This screen defaults/displays all users with a check in the Active checkbox. In the image below, the User status/ rights dropdown filter which defaults to Active, is circled in red. You may select Admin users, Users with Publish rights and Inactive Users to narrow your search.

    2. Find the user whose permissions you want to modify.
    3. Modify the user's permissions by checking/unchecking the permission checkboxes.
    4. Click on the Update button at bottom of page.

    Deleting a User

    1. Click on the Users tab which leads you to the Existing Users: Active Users screen.
    2. Find the user who you would like to delete.
    3. Click in the More button at the far right of the row of the user to be deleted. In the image below, the More button is circled in red.
    4. Clicking on the More button will lead you to the Selected User screen and User Attributes table.
    5. At the bottom of that table, you will see a Remove User from the Group button and/or a Remove User from System button.
    6. When you click on this button, a message will appear asking if you are sure you want to delete the user from the specific group space.
    7. When you do click on the Yes button. You will receive a confirmation message; "username@domain.name has been removed from this group space".

    Deleting a User Who Owns Documents: Transferring Ownership

    1. If the user owns documents, you will need to transfer ownership of the documents before you can delete the user.
    2. To transfer document ownership, click on the More button found at the far right on the same line as the user's name.
    3. Scroll down to the bottom of the User Attributes table. You will notice that the Remove User from the This Group and  Remove User from System buttons will be greyed out and not clickable.Click on the Transfer Doc Ownership button.

      In the image below, the Transfer Doc Ownership button is circled in red. Notice that there is also a Transfer News Ownership button and a Transfer Quiz Ownership button. This indicates that this user has OTHER items that need to be transferred before the Remove User from this Group and Remove User from the System buttons are available.

    4. After clicking the Transfer Doc Ownership button, the Document Ownership Transfer for FirstName LastName screen will display a list of documents will appear with  a column of checkboxes on the left. You will have the opportunity of further limiting this list of documents by; entering a document ID in the IDs field, entering keywords in the Search term field, FTS (Full Text Search) Yes/No, choosing an item from the Topic or Type dropdown menus.
    5. Select the desired set of documents by clicking individual checkboxes or the Select All button, which will check each check box next to each document.
    6. Scroll to the bottom of the screen to the New owner field.
    7. Select a name from the New owner drop down list
    8. Click on the Transfer ownership button.
    9. Once the user no longer owns documents, click the Remove User from This Group button.

    Batch User Removal

    1. If you have a list of users who need to be removed, go to the Users tab and click on the Batch User Removal link.

    2. This will lead you to the Batch User Removal screen.
    3. To remove users from your KB group space: enter the domain name, a pipe delimiter and then the NetID of each user. Only one user per line.
    4. Click on the Remove Users button.
    5. Users who have content in your KB group space will not be removed. You will need to Transfer Ownership of those documents first.
    6. Users who do not have content in your KB group space and who have your KB group space as their default group will be removed from the system.

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