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L&S Fund Management: Department ID

Quick overview of Department IDs

Department ID = The seven character alpha-numeric code that identifies the campus, division and department.

This is part of the funding string: FUND | DEPT | PROJECT | PROGRAM | ACCOUNT CODE

101 - A480200 - 2 - 3100

The department ID, also known as UDDS (unit/div/dept/sub-dept), is a seven character code.  It breaks down as follows:
  • The first character is alpha-numeric and identifies the campus.  A = UW-Madison.  This first character is not always required and is sometimes dropped as UW-Madison is assumed.

  • The next two characters are numeric and identify the division.  48 = Letters & Science. 
    Other divisions you might work with are:
    07 = CALS
    12 = Business School
    34 = VC for Research and Graduate Education (aka grad school)
    All UW-Madison division codes can be found here:

  • The next two characters are numeric and identify the department.  02 = L&S Administration

  • The final two characters are numeric and identify the sub-department.  Typically 00 will be used with a project and to identify the department in general; on 101.  The L&S Budget office may use sub-departments to identify different aspects of your 101 and 131 budgets.  For more information about sub-department usage in 101 and 131 funding, please see the Sub-Department document
Technically speaking: department ID refers to the 6 digit code not including campus; UDDS refers to the full 7-character string.

Please contact the L&S Budget Office with questions.

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