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How to Propose Changes to L&S Program Requirements (Major, Named Option, Certificate, Graduate Minor)

This document describes the process for proposing changes to an existing academic program, including: undergraduate and graduate majors, entrance requirements for undergraduate programs, named options, certificates, and graduate minors.

Departments may need to revise their program requirements for a variety of reasons, including (but not limited to): to realign requirements with current trends in the the discipline, to reflect the current course array and current faculty expertise, to address findings in assessment or program review, or simply to add or remove courses from lists that can meet requirements.

Changes to requirements may be proposed by faculty committees who are responsible for oversight for those academic programs (or the staff who work with them), and must be approved by those faculty committees. Changes require L&S review and approval. They may also require  Graduate School or University Academic Planning Council review, depending on the nature of the changes.

Faculty responsible for oversight of a program or their delegates may submit a program change to Lumen Programs Proposal System. This system:
  • Creates a governance workflow so the department, college and (if necessary) campus can indicate they have reviewed and approve the changes
  • Allows departments to make the associated edits to their Guide pages, which will automatically be published for the approved effective date.
  • Creates a historical and searchable record of department requests and governance approvals.
Deadlines: Changes are typically effective for Fall semesters, and information about deadlines can be found here: L&S Curricular Deadlines for Course and Program Changes

Please see additional information below about how to propose the following types of changes in Lumen Programs:

Request Changes
  • Use Lumen Programs to request curricular changes to an undergraduate major or certificate, including:  Requirements, Entrance requirements (How to Get In), Learning outcome, and Four-year plan
  • Lumen Programs form imports "governed" Guide tab information; you must edit it to reflect your proposed changes.
    • Consider asking your Guide editor for help with this part of the proposal (multiple people may edit a proposal).
    • The changes you request in Lumen Programs will publish to Guide if approved, per the effective date.
  • Questions? Contact Kimbrin Cornelius at
L&S Review
Minors Changes (addition or deletion of courses from course lists; clarifications and corrections) are reviewed by L&S staff review these proposals to make sure they align with L&S policy (they don't need L&S Curriculum Committee review).

Substantial Changes are reviewed by the L&S Curriculum Committee. Examples of "substantial" changes include:
    • Increasing of decreasing the number of credits or GPA earned in certain courses prior to admission to the major;
    • Course changes that may affect the flow of resources between departments;
    • Increasing or decreasing the number of credits in the major;
    • Adding a new requirement that courses be taken in a particular sequence;
    • Adding or changing as prerequisites courses taught in other departments;
    • Substantive changes to learning outcom
We encouraged you to contact Kimbrin Cornelius ( or the Chair of the L&S Curriculum Committee before submitting proposals for “substantial” revisions.
Undergraduate Programs: DARS updates. Staff in the Office of the Registrar will update DARS after L&S approves the proposal.

Undergraduate programs: Implementation Date. The implementation date you request will be honored if possible. Substantial revisions have Fall implementation dates. A later implementation date may be assigned if the request substantially restructures a program.
Graduate programs: Request Changes
  • Use Lumen Programs to request changes to an graduate major or certificate, PhD minor or capstone certificate.

  • The form contains the programs "governed" Guide information, which you must edit
    • Lumen Programs allows multiple people to edit the proposal. Many departments ask their Guide editors to help them with the Guide parts of the proposal.

  • L&S Curricular Deadlines for Course and Program Changes 
  • Questions? Contact Kimbrin Cornelius at
Graduate programs: L&S Review The review process of requests to change graduate programs and learning outcomes depends on the nature of the changes. Substantive changes are be reviewed by the L&S Curriculum Committee and/or Graduate Faculty Executive Committee (GFEC). Minor changes will receive expedited L&S and Graduate School approval.

Graduate programs: Implementation Date. Your proposed implementation date will be honored when possible. Substantial revisions have Fall implementation dates.
Departmental curriculum committees are encouraged to consult with the L&S Curriculum Committee (staff contact Kimbrin Cornelius,, or the L&S Curriculum Committee Chair) throughout the revision process. The committee’s goal is not to judge the content of the curriculum, but rather, to ensure that:
  • Revisions are consistent with L&S degree requirements, and the Graduate School (when applicable)
  • Revisions are implemented according to university policy and practice in they follow governance and Guide deadlines for implementation
  • Changes that affect other departments are communicated to those departments; and
  • All interested, motivated and capable students can successfully complete the requirements.
The L&S Curriculum Committee and L&S Student Academic Affairs assist departments in considering the impact of proposed curricular changes. They can also suggest or help develop equitable solutions for any problems that might be anticipated.
Notification of program changes will be forwarded, if appropriate, to the L&S Academic Planning Council.  Any changes that have implications for other schools and colleges or the Graduate School will be communicated to them.

Creating New L&S Programs

Information on this page is for curricular related changes only. See L&S Academic Planning: New Majors, Certificates, and Formally Transcripted Options for information about new academic programs. Elaine Klein, L&S Associate Dean for Academic Planning, is the contact for creating new L&S programs

Restructuring/Eliminating Existing L&S Programs

See Restructuring or Discontinuing Majors/Programs  for information on this topic. Elaine Klein, L&S Associate Dean for Academic Planning, is the contact for creating new L&S programs

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