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Propose changes to L&S program requirements (Major, Named Option, Certificate, Graduate Minor)

Departments may need to revise their program requirements for a variety of reasons. These reasons include realigning requirements with current trends in the the discipline, addressing findings in assessment or program review, or adding or removing courses from lists that can meet requirements to update the course array,

Unit considerations:

Changes to requirements may be proposed by faculty committees or staff in these units responsible for oversight for the academic program. Changes must be approved by:
  • appropriate faculty committees in the department/program
  • L&S Curriculum Committee
  • possibly the L&S Academic Planning Council, Graduate School or University Academic Planning Council review, depending on the nature of the changes. 

How to request changes to program requirements

L&S Review process:

Undergraduate programs: Minor Changes

Minor changes include the addition or deletion of courses from course lists; small text edits, formatting edits, and clarifications. These corrections typically don't require L&S Curriculum Committee review and receive expedited L&S approval.

Undergraduate programs: Substantial Changes

Substantial edits are reviewed by the L&S Curriculum Committee. Examples of substantial changes include:

    • Increasing of decreasing the number of minimum credits required;
    • Editing "How to Get In Requirements" such as the GPA required ;
    • Course changes that may affect the flow of resources between departments;
    • Renaming the program; or
    • Substantive changes to learning outcomes.

Graduate programs: Minor changes

Minor changes receive expedited L&S and Graduate Faculty Executive Committee (GFEC) approval and include:

    • Small edits to admissions requirements such as adjusting the GRE requirement, number of letters required, or application deadline;
    • Corrections of errors;
    • Adding/removing courses from course lists;or
    • Minor text edits.

Graduate Programs: Substantive changes

Substantive edits are reviewed by the L&S Curriculum Committee and/or (GFEC). Examples of substantive changes include:

    • Increasing of decreasing the number of minimum credits required;
    • Extensive changes to the curriculum and required courses;
    • Renaming the program;
    • Substantive changes to learning outcomes;or
    • Edits to the admissions process that have a strong impact.

Review process

The review process focuses on the following:
  • Revisions are consistent with L&S degree requirements, and the Graduate School (when applicable);
  • Revisions are implemented according to campus policy and practice;
  • Changes that affect other departments are communicated to those departments; and
  • All interested, motivated and capable students can successfully complete the requirements.
The L&S Curriculum Committee, L&S academic planning team, and L&S Student Academic Affairs assist departments in considering the impact of proposed curricular changes. They can also suggest or help develop equitable solutions for anticipated problems. Notification of program changes will be forwarded, if appropriate, to the L&S Academic Planning Council.  Any changes that have implications for other schools and colleges or the Graduate School will be communicated to them.

Implementation of Changes

Substantial changes to programs are only approved for Fall semesters. Assuming program changes have been submitted by deadlines published here: L&S Deadlines for Course and Program Changes, approved changes will be published in Guide with the effective date added to the Lumen Programs proposal.
Undergraduate Programs: DARS will be updated as part of the Lumen Programs proposal workflow. Changes will be effective for the effective date in the approved Lumen Programs proposal form.

More Information

For more information about program requirements changes, please contact Kim Grocholski at

NOTE: Information on this page is for program changes only. See L&S Academic Planning: New Majors, Certificates, and Formally Transcripted Options for information about new academic programs.

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