Top Documents This Week

  1. Welcome to the College of Letters & Science Administrative Gateway!
  2. Gateway Author Resources
  3. Quick Links
  4. L&S Instruction: Resources, Policies, and Guidance (COVID-19/Fall 2020)
  5. L&S TA Training for Remote Teaching: Outline of training content
  6. Published Class Section Mode: Implications during the pandemic (L&S)
  7. Accommodations during covid-19 disruption (L&S): Supporting individual students who miss class due to illness, quarantine, or bereavement
  8. FTE (Full Time Equivalent) and Headcount
  9. L&S Letter Templates for Academic Staff, University Staff, TE and LI Appointments
  10. L&S Readiness Criteria for Summer and Fall 2020 Remote Instruction
  11. Information on Auditing Courses for L&S Undergraduate Students
  12. L&S Letter Templates for Short-Term Staff
  13. UW-Madison Incomplete (I) Grade Information
  14. L&S: Strategies for proactively planning for disruption to your in-person or remote teaching
  15. Fall 2020 L&S Batch Leads - Support for L&S Remote and blended instruction
  16. UW-Madison No Report (NR) Grade
  17. Common Credit Load for L&S Undergraduate Students
  18. L&S Graduation with Distinction
  19. Student Help Jobs at the L&S Centralized Departments
  20. L&S Dean's List Qualifications

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