Kaltura - Known Issue - Users can only request machine captioning once for a media item

This document describes a known issue where a user can only request machine captions on a file in Kaltura MediaSpace once.

If a user tries to order machine captions for a file which has already had machine captions generated they will see an error: "Service was already requested for this video."

A screenshot which shows a detail of Kaltura MediaSpace under "Order Captions & Enrichment Services" where an error message reads "Service was already requested for this video" outlined in an orange box.


This affects anyone who has already requested machine captions for a video but who tries to re-request machine captions for the same video.


Learn@UW-Madison has requested Kaltura consider adding a feature to re-request machine captions if needed.


Currently the only workaround is to re-upload your media file as a duplicate entry in Kaltura MediaSpace and then request machine captions on that file.