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This document provides an overview of the UW-Madison Kaltura MediaSpace service.

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What is Kaltura Mediaspace?

Kaltura MediaSpace is a product UW-Madison uses to host and deliver media for educational use at UW-Madison. It is often described as "YouTube for UW-Madison." Faculty, staff and students can upload media content to UW-Madison Kaltura MediaSpace. Media can then be embedded in a Canvas course, website, or linked to. 

See DoIT’s Kaltura Mediaspace IT Service Page for a more detailed description of Kaltura Mediaspace.

Tool Functionality Details

Basic Functionality

  • Users can upload video content and share it with others via MediaSpace or Canvas integration.
  • Kaltura video content can be embedded in Canvas anywhere the rich content editor exists or via the Kaltura Gallery.
  • Kaltura Capture is a good solution for basic video capture and publishing.
  • Collaboration allows other users rights to your content, allowing them to perform functions such as editing and publishing.

Advanced Functionality

  • Basic video editing is available in Kaltura. Common uses are trimming and cutting, or clipping longer videos into multiple shorter videos.
  • TechSmith Camtasia is a more advanced video editing software that is licensed by UW Madison for faculty and staff. This comparison can help you decide which editing software to use.
  • Analytics can be viewed for MediaSpace Channels or the Kaltura Gallery in Canvas. Many metrics are available including plays, unique viewers and minutes viewed.
  • Kaltura videos can be turned into video quizzes. However, Learn@UW-Madison recommends only using video quizzes for student self-testing and preparation with no associated points or grade.

Use Cases

  • You can use Kaltura Mediaspace to host videos for a Canvas course.
  • If you host meetings online, you can upload recordings to Kaltura Mediaspace so that they can be accessed in the future.

Getting Started

For training information and how to get started with Kaltura, see Kaltura - Getting Started.

Additional Resources

Minimum Requirements

For minimum requirements for using Kaltura Mediaspace or Kaltura Capture, please review the linked documents from Kaltura's Knowledge Center.

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