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Facilities-Fees and Refund Policy

The School of Music provides a number of services to students that require a fee. Below is a general list of those fees. Each area has a specific refund policy, which is also listed in the Facilities App product descriptions.

All elective fees (non-course fees) should be paid on the School of Music facilities app: You must log in with a valid Wisconsin NetID to pay fees online.

General School of Music fees include:

Practice Rooms (General, per semester): $50

Practice Rooms (General, per semester, for non-majors enrolled in qualifying music course): $125

Practice Rooms (Piano/Percussion, per semester): $80

Lockers (per semester): $25

Instrument Rental: This fee is not for Music Fundamental students. 
Auditions Only = $25
Half Semester = $50
Full Semester = $100
Full Semester (Audition Fee Applied) = $75

Streaming & recording:
Live Video Streaming: $150
Video and Audio Recording Recital Package (includes live stream if requested): $150
Video Recording only-Recital: $100
Audio Recording only-Recital: $100
Live Stream add-on: $50

Performance Hall Access (up to 3 hours): $45

Elective Student Recital Fee (Non Degree Required): $85, includes performance hall access only. This fee must be paid separately on the Facilities App. Proof of payment will be required in order to have a your EMS room reservation confirmed.

Course Fees Charged with Class Enrollment (on your tuition bill): 

  • Ensemble Fee: $25, covers the cost of score rentals for the School of Music.
  • Music Fundamentals Fee:
     Brass: $100
     Percussion: $25
     Woodwinds: $100
     Strings: $100
  • Student Recital Fee (mandatory, degree-required): $145, includes performance hall access and audio recording. This fee will be posted to your student account as part of your tuition bill for each required recital course in which you enroll (499990999). Proof of enrollment in the recital course will be required in order to have a your EMS room reservation confirmed. This fee is mandatory and will not be refunded if you choose to play your recital outside the School of Music facilities. Optional video recording/livestreaming may be added for a fee of $100, to be paid separately on the Facilities App.
Refund Policies by Area:
  • Performance Hall and Recording/Live stream Fees: Full refunds may be issued for the purchase of these products if a cancellation is received by the facilities manager 2 weeks (14 days) in advance of the performance. Cancellations made within 2 weeks (14 days) are not eligible for a refund.
  • Practice Room and Locker Rentals: In keeping with the current guidelines set by the university, students will receive a 100% discount if they withdraw before the end of the second week of classes, and a 50% refund if they withdraw before the end of the fourth week of classes. After the fourth week, students are not eligible for a fee refund.
  • Instrument Rental: No refunds are provided on the purchase of instrument rental.
  • Marching/Varsity Band: No refunds are provided on the purchase of equipment for the marching band.

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