UW-Madison G Suite - Benefits of Use

This document outlines the benefits of using UW-Madison G Suite .

Why use UW-Madison G Suite Service?

The University realizes that a large number of students, faculty, and staff already put UW-Madison and personal content on Google Apps. UW-Madison is concerned about the use of intellectual property that is covered by "click through" licenses associated with a standard Google account. To address this, the University has signed up for a Google Apps for Education license to begin offering Google Apps to UW-Madison faculty, staff, and students.

Applications covered by the G Suite for Education Terms of Service include: Some benefits of this service are:

Accessing consumer applications via UW-Madison G Suite

Google offers access to additional applications through UW-Madison G Suite . You will now be able to access these applications using your UW-Madison G Suite account. Unlike the official UW-Madison G Suite applications (Google Docs, Drive, Sites, Groups, Hangouts, Calendar, and Contacts), these Google Consumer Applications are not covered under the UW-Madison Terms of Service. You may be asked to accept new Terms of Service for these applications. Regardless of whether you are asked, be aware that you, not the UW-Madison, are accepting these terms as an individual.

The main differences for users of Google Consumer Applications are:

Some benefits of using these applications through UW-Madison G Suite service are:

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