Canvas - Options to upload and share video in Canvas with Kaltura MediaSpace

Kaltura is the video delivery system UW-Madison uses with Canvas - this article describes how Kaltura MediaSpace can be used with Canvas.

Users can use Kaltura with Canvas with four different tools:

  • Kaltura My Media - Access to many of Kaltura MediaSpace's functions from inside Canvas - view and manage your personal media content.
  • Embed Kaltura Media - Users can embed Kaltura media wherever the Canvas rich content editor (RCE) is available.
  • Kaltura Media / Media Gallery - Instructors can enable the Kaltura Media course navigation option to create a media gallery for their Canvas course.
  • Kaltura Video Quiz / Assignment - Users can create questions within a video for either student self-test or connection to the Canvas gradebook.

Access many Kaltura MediaSpace functions from inside Canvas with Kaltura My Media

You can access, browse, and upload media to Kaltura MediaSpace from inside Canvas by accessing Kaltura My Media. Instructions on how to do this are described in Canvas - Upload, access, and share video in Canvas with Kaltura My Media .

Embedding Kaltura media in a Canvas course with the rich content editor

Embedding Kaltura media anywhere the Canvas rich content editor is available is how most instructors use Kaltura with Canvas. Instructions on how to do this are described in Canvas - How to embed a video in Canvas with the rich content editor (RCE) using Kaltura Media (UW-Madison) .

Kaltura Media / Media Gallery Canvas course navigation item

The Kaltura Media Canvas course navigation item (also known as Media Gallery) is a Kaltura media gallery. It is a place where you can aggregate all of your course-related media. We don't generally recommend that instructors use this as the primary method to deliver media to students because it is simply a large repository of media students may browse or access without context. Instead we generally recommend instructors embed media in Canvas Pages and then organize those pages within Canvas Modules.

You can add media from your My Media library to your Media Gallery. The Kaltura Media Canvas course navigation item (also known as Media Gallery) is disabled by default. For information on how to enable Kaltura Media course navigation item, please see the Canvas Instructor Guide How do I manage Course Navigation links? If you want to view aggregated analytics on how students are accessing Kaltura media in your course, start by enabling a course media gallery in your Canvas course, and then embed media from the media gallery into your course. This is covered in detail in Kaltura - Using Kaltura course media galleries and analytics in Canvas .

The Media Gallery for a Canvas course is a special Kaltura Channel dedicated to that course. Because it is a Channel, you have the ability to create Channel Playlists. You can use Channel Playlists to organize you media into more meaningful groups.

Kaltura Video Quiz / Assignments

Kaltura video quizzes can be created by instructors from any video you upload to Kaltura. Video quizzes work by pausing the video to display a question for the student to answer. Those IVQs can also be setup as a Canvas Assignment and connected to the Canvas gradebook. For more information on Kaltura Interactive video quizzes please see:
  1. Kaltura - Adding questions to your videos with Kaltura video quizzes
  2. Canvas - Adding a Kaltura video quiz as a Canvas course assignment 

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