Office 365 - What are the differences between an Office 365 Group, an Office 365 Security Group, a Contact list, and a Google Group?

This document compares the features of Office 365 Groups, Office 365 Security Groups, Office 365 Contact List, and UW-Madison Google Groups to help identify which service would work best for your needs.

Feature Office 365 Groups UW-Madison Google Groups Office 365 Contact Lists/Groups Manifest email group (MEG)
Allows E-mail to Members
Group File Sharing

Group Calendaring
Group Collaboration Tools


Posting Security
Suppress Office 365 "out of office" message

E-mail Open Tracking

Click-Through Tracking

Allows Non-Office 365 Contacts/Members
List Administration via E-mail

Data-Driven Lists Possible

Members List Hidden
Better for server-generated messages

Managing Office 365 account permissions

Service account be a member of
Service account be owner/creator of

Listname in subject

Email address format no address exists

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