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Faculty Center - Non-Roster Grade Change


An overview and step-by-step guide to submitting grade changes for students not on the grade roster through the Faculty Center.


When to use the non-roster grade change eForm:
  • A student is not on the grade roster in the Faculty Center (late enrollment in the class, for example).
  • A grade change from an Incomplete grade to an EI (Extended Incomplete) or PI (Permanent Incomplete) grade.
  • Early grading before the end of the term (Graduate students for graduating purposes only).
  • Submit a grade change in place of the instructor of record (in case the instructor is unable to submit a grade change or other legitimate reason only).
For assistance, email or call (608) 262-3811.


  1. Log in using your NetID and password.
  2. Search for the student using one of the search fields.
    Tip- searching by campus ID number will guarantee an exact match. The student's campus ID appears on the class roster and possibly in Canvas. You may also ask the student to provide their ID in an email sent from their wiscmail address.

    Faculty Center search fields

  3. Enter the term code (four digit, 1224 e.g) or use the look up function.

    Non-Roster Grade Change Request Form with Term entered in appropriate field

  4. Select a Class from the drop-down menu. The list will display all courses the student is enrolled in for the selected term. If the class isn't listed, the student must first enroll in the course.
    Note: Only select the class if you are the instructor or have a legitimate reason to do so.
  5. Select the new grade.

    Grade Changes section with box around Select class and New grade

  6. Enter the date the course work was completed and reason for grade change.

    Grade Change Details section with Date Completed and Reason for change fields

    • Extended Incomplete (EI) grade: Enter due date. Due date for EI grades will pre-populate to the default EI deadline. Edit the date to set a different due date.

  7. If you are not the instructor of record, you must read the acknowledgment and move the slider to yes. By doing so you are declaring you have a legitimate reason to submit the grade change and are doing so in good faith.

    Action Items Section with box around Acknowledgement toggle and Submit button

  8. Click Submit. In most cases the grade change request will be routed to the student’s academic dean’s office for review and approval.

    Non-Roster Grade Change Results successfully submitted eForm page

Possible errors

  • Grade Roster is not yet posted
    The instructor hasn’t completed grading the course in the Faculty Center yet. Please submit the request after the regular grade roster is completed and posted.
  • Grade Change in progress
    A grade change request for the same class was previously submitted and currently in progress. You cannot submit another request before the original request is processed.
  • Same grade selected
    The new grade selected matches the original grade. Please review the grade again and select a different grade if a change is necessary.

Please note, this grade change eForm should never be used for mid-term grades. This is only intended for changes to final grades. For assistance, email or call (608) 262-3811. 

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