SIS/Getting Started - Codes in SIS: Terms, Sessions and Subjects


Term codes, session codes and subject codes are helpful numbers to remember as you navigate through SIS.

You are not required to memorize these codes or numbers. You will always have the ability to click on the magnifying glass icons next to the search field to find the correct codes.

Term Codes

Term codes are 4-digit numbers that indicate the semester.  An example of how Term Codes are constructed is outlined below.

  • Spring 2022 = 1224
  • Summer 2022 = 1226
  • Fall 2023 = 1232
Each column is a portion of the term code. The top row is the definition and the second row is an example.
Century: 1 School Year: 23 Semester: 2

2000s = 21st

1900s = 20th


(year it ends)

2 = fall

4 = spring

6 = summer

Session Codes

Session Codes indicate the length of time of instruction.

  • A1 is regular fall/spring session and is the most commonly used.
  • Modular session codes are three letters, denoting the week it begins, how many weeks it spans, and how many weeks instruction occurs
    • AHH begins the 1st week of instruction (A), spans 8 weeks (H), meets 8 weeks (H)
      • This session has instruction that occurs during each week of the session
    • BNG begins the 2nd week of instruction (B), spans 14 weeks (N), meets 7 weeks (G)
      • This session has instruction that occurs every-other-week of the session
  • View a complete list of the current session codes.

The graphic below illustrates how sessions may be scheduled within a given term, within a calendar year. If you are a curricular representative, you may be scheduling courses and class sections within various sessions.  

Diagram of Sessions and Terms

Subject Codes

Subject Codes are 3-digit numeric codes assigned to each subject listing in SIS.  View a complete listing of the subject codes in SIS.

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