SIS - Service Indicators/Holds: Overview & Security


A Service Indicator, often referred to as a hold, is added to a student’s record to indicate something has been completed or needs to be completed, such as meet with an advisor or pay a fee. Services impacted often include not being able to add courses, enroll (add/drop/swap), and/or request official student records, such as a transcript.

There are two types of Service Indicators:

Negative Service Indicator Icon
Negative service indicators (also called ‘holds’) have a negative impact on the student. Negative service indicators prevent students from services such as enrolling in classes and receiving student records.

Examples of Negative Service Indicators:

  • Student Must Meet with their Advisor
  • Unpaid Tuition
  • Fee Holds (e.g. Library, Residence Halls, SHIP)
  • Default on Student Loan
Tip: When you see the red Circle with a diagonal slash  icon (international 'No' symbol) on a students record, select it to view a list of their negative service indicators.
Positive Service Indicator Icon Star

Positive service indicators have no impact on the student.
A positive service indicator is mainly used for administrative tracking purposes.

Examples of Positive Service Indicators:

  • Eligibility for certain Financial Aid programs
  • Veterans Benefits
  • International Student Services
  • Computerized Records

Tip: When you see the red Star icon on a students record, select it to view a list of their positive service indicators.


SIS Security Needed For Service Indicators

To View Request one of the following SIS Security Roles:
To Modify Request this SIS Security Role:
  • SR_USI
  • and type in the Code & Reason
    (e.g. ADV/AL&S or ADV/GRAD)

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