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SIS/Building Your Schedule of Classes - Curricular Reports


This document outlines how to access curricular reports

How to access reports

You can access and run a variety of Curricular Reports that display real-time course data for your Academic Group and/or Subject. These reports are easy to view, share, and print.

Step 1

From Home, select: Curric & Enroll Rep WorkCenter, select the Resources tab, and select Query Report Viewer.

Tip: Menu navigation: > Reporting Tools > BI Publisher > Query Report Viewer.

Step 2

Leave the field blank, and select Search.

query report viewer search

Step 3 

If viewing report ‘PDF Schedule of Classes’ or ‘Classes for dept and any texts,’ there are alternative report templates available. To access these:

  • Select Show Template Prompts
  • Select a different Template ID by selecting the report's magnifying glass Look up, select Look Up, select desired Template ID.

Step 4

For desired report, select View Report

Step 5

Fill in all fields.

Tip: Most Reports ask for Term, College, and Subject.

Step 6 

Select OK. The report will display in a new browser window. Close the report window when done.

List of all reports

List of Report Descriptions and Results
Report Description Report will show you all:
Sections w Zero Enrl Cap Sections that have the Enrollment Capacity set at zero. (Note: there could be students enrolled)
Not on Schedule of Classes Sections that have ‘Schedule Print’ unchecked; therefore, students cannot see this section.
Optional Attendance Sections Sections that are set as ‘Optional’ on Adjust Class Associations; meaning, students do not have to enroll in this section.
Meets-With Section Listing Sections that are Combined as MW Meets-with, SL Section level Meets-with, or XM Crosslist Meets-with. This does not show XL cross-listed sections.
All Course report

Courses available to offer through a subject based on the Effective Date entered. This is an ideal way to view descriptions, approved requisites.

Tip: It’s best to use Term Begin Date (see Sessions Dates and Deadlines in Curricular & Enroll Rep WorkCenter) for Effective Date, since catalog changes are typically effective the first day of the term.

Curricular enrollment report Sections and what enrollment capacities are set at as well as how many students are enrolled.
Sections with Distance Ed Mode Sections identified with an instruction mode of WO, Online only, or WC, Online with some classrooms. (This does not show ‘P’ classroom only).
Active Sects w No Princ Instr Active sections that do not have a ‘Principle’ instructor identified. Every section must have at least one ‘Principle’ instructor.
PDF Schedule of Classes

Courses being offered during a term with comprehensive section details. Classes set to not display (i.e., the Schedule Print box is unchecked) are excluded from this report.

Tip: Additional report template available for "Summer term" (Template ID U_CU_PDFTT_2; see Step 3 above).

Room Scheduling for Review Sections and their room assignments including enrollment capacities and total student enrollment.
Room Request List Sections and the facility requested and requested room capacity.
Classes for dept and any texts

Sections and the textbook information that has been entered, if any.

Tip: Additional report template available for "Textbooks entered" (Template ID U_CU_TXTBKDP_2; see Step 3 above).

Active Sections w Zero Enrl Sections that are still active and no students are enrolled. Should these sections be canceled?
Departmental Instructional Rpt All active class sections, including meeting pattern information.
Independent Study Sections All independent study sections for a subject.
Section Level Req All sections with the requirement number and requirement description
Variable Credit Sections All sections with variable credit and the minimum and maximum units


For additional reporting needs relating to students or courses, see also: Data Center

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