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SIS - Grade Control List and Grade Roster


This document explains how to view your department's grade control list and view grade rosters through SIS.
You will need to update your SIS security to access the Grade Control List and Grade Roster (Form available at the SIS authorization website).

Viewing the Grade Control List

The Grade Control List displays the status of grade entry for every course section within your department for a specified term.

The control lists are real-time, allowing you to track the status of all grade rosters so that you can provide reminders and assistance to your faculty.

To view the Grade Control List for your department, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to SIS.
  2. Go to Curricular and Enroll Rep Work Center >Resources >Grade Control List.
  3. Use the Find page to search for the desired Grade Control List by:
    • Term code
    • Subject Area number

Grade Control List: Grade Roster Status and Dates

  • Ready for Grading with no "Submit Date" or "Posting Date" means grades still need to be entered for this section and submitted to the registrar.
    Check Missing Grades count:
    • If zero, all grades entered & saved; need to submit.
    • If Missing Grades matches Class Count, no grades have been entered.
    • If Missing Grades between one & Class Count, not all grades have been entered.
  • Submit to Registrar with only a "Submit Date" means all grades have been entered, and they were submitted to the registrar on the "Submit Date" and are pending posting by the registrar.
  • Submit to Registrar with both a "Submit Date" and a "Posting Date" means the grades were submitted on the "Submit Date" and the grades were posted by the registrar on the "Posting Date".

Viewing the Grade Roster

Departmental administrators/grades contacts will have inquiry access to grade rosters in SIS, so grade rosters will always be available and can be monitored by departmental personnel.

Click the "Class Nbr" link from the Grade Control List to jump to the Inquire Grade Roster page to see specific students and grades in that section, or:

  1. Login to SIS.
  2. Go to NavBar >Navigator >Curriculum Management >Grading >Grade Roster.
  3. Use the Find page to search for the desired course section.

Grade Roster Status

  • Ready for Grading means grades still need to be entered for this section.
  • Submit to Registrar means all grades have been entered and they are pending posting by the registrar.
  • Posted means the grades have been officially posted by the registrar.

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