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University Committee Meeting Minutes 2016-03-28

Minutes approved 4/4/2016
Draft minutes for March 28, 2016
UC members present: Broman, Edwards, Litovsky, Meyerand (chair), Wanner, Wendt
Others present: S. Smith, J. Richard, Felber, Moscicke, J. Smith, H. Daniels, O’Meara, McFadden, McGlone

Chair Beth Meyerand called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m. The minutes of the meeting of March 21, 2016, were approved. Michelle Felber (PROFS) reminded everyone about the WAA legislative day. Jack O’Meara shared that Pocan’s office is interested in exploring possible tenure and shared governance language in HEA discussion. O’Meara also pointed to outreach efforts on stem cells, passage of sexual assault amnesty bill, and governor’s signing of college affordability bills. Secretary Smith asked continuing UC members to send in their summer availability.

Committee on Committees chair Patti Brennan summarized discussions with the chair of the Information Technology Committee. The size and workload of the committee is overwhelming for those serving on it. Additional concerns include low attendance by faculty members, need for clarification of the committee’s responsibilities, unclear structure as to what level of issues the committee should be considering, appropriate profile of committee members, and length, timing, and workload of meetings. Consensus that increasing number of members is not the appropriate solution; even current size is almost unmanageable. Recommendation that UC determine appropriate phenotype of committee members, ensure that both faculty users and technological experts are appropriately included, clarify and reinforce committee’s authority, policy role, and reporting structure, and evaluate how committee is supported. Further recommendation that this and other committees need accountability model and better understanding of governance role. Key foci of ITC are archives, learning resources, and infrastructure. Ample discussion. UC will discuss further and possibly work with committee leadership for first fall meeting.

Representatives from libraries and University Library Committee Karl Broman, Carrie Nelson, Ed Van Gemert, and Dan Klingenberg discussed follow-up to open access presentation at Faculty Senate. Clear need for more discussion and study by ULC prior to further consideration by Senate. Motion will be referred back to ULC. Ample discussion, including need to educate campus on nature and value of open access policies, possibly through listening fora, and to include other voices representing wide variety of scholarship on campus in development of policy and/or best practices.

Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration Michael Lehman discussed the budget committee proposal. Discussion of functions and other changes to proposal, timelines, and committee launch. VCFA and staff will put together illustrative calendar and sample agendas. Proposal will have first reading at April Senate, envisioned passage at May Senate, committee seated at start of academic year 2016-17.

Provost Sarah Mangelsdorf updated the UC on her trip to Australia, finalist visits for the dean of nursing, and the Arts Institute director search. The UC and the provost discussed the upcoming Green Bay Board of Regents meeting and the importance of having someone speak for FPP. Ample discussion.

Litovsky moved to convene in closed session pursuant to Wis. Stats. 19.85(1)(c) and (f) to discuss personnel matters. The motion was seconded and passed at 2:18 p.m. The UC discussed a grievance case with the provost. The UC considered and approved two tenure clock extension requests, one with an associated leave of absence. The UC discussed chair recommendations with the chancellor for Honorary Degrees Committee and Athletic Board. Broman moved to reconvene in open session. Motion seconded and passed at 2:35 p.m.

Chancellor Rebecca Blank reviewed the April Senate agenda with the UC. Discussion about how to transmit tenure and layoff policies to Board. UC will request chancellor send to President Cross per UWS 2.02. UC reviewed transmittal memo to chancellor and approved by consensus.

ASM representatives Colin Barushok, Sally Rohrer, and Rachel Widra presented and discussed an ASM resolution on financial burdens to students. Barushok explained motivation and context of resolution. ASM has had extensive meetings with provost, VPTL Cramer, and others to get message out. Students unanimous that tuition should cover service costs and that there are free programs (such as Canvas) that the university has already invested in that could avoid these costs to students. UC members suggested that Senate resolution was not best way to address this concern. Students should approach specific departments and faculty members. Ample discussion about alternatives, need to shift culture and explore alternatives. Canvas not widely recognized by faculty and not seen as viable alternative yet. Suggestion that students recast resolution as informational presentation. UC supports general point, but feels that resolution needs reworking for timing, pilots, coherence with faculty workload, direct connections to solutions, alternatives. UC wants any Senate interaction to be productive and good experience for students. Less chance of getting shot down if retool resolution to be more transitional and “consciousness-raising.”
Meyerand adjourned the meeting at 3:19 p.m.

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