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Conference Room 571

This document contains information about features available in Biochemistry Room 571 and instructions for using AV equipment.

Room 571 is located in the Hector F. DeLuca Biochemistry Labs building at 433 Babcock Drive.

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Reservation Name: BIOC-433Babcock-571-Conf

Room Features

  • Capacity: 28 (table seats 8-16)
  • Blinds
  • TV Display (65-inch Vizio TV)
    • AppleTV (wireless input)
    • HDMI input
  • Lighting Controls
  • Projector
  • Whiteboards

Room 571



The projector uses the whiteboard as a screen and can be turned on/off with the white Epson remote.

Available Inputs: HDMI, VGA

Connections are near the bottom left of the whiteboard. An HDMI cable is connected and a VGA cable can be found in the cabinets. The remote can be used to select different inputs (if not automatically selected).

Please neatly coil the HDMI cable or return the VGA cable to the cabinets to prevent damage.

Please make sure the projector is powered off when you leave the room.

TV Display

A 65-inch TV is attached to the wall. 

Available inputs: Apple TV (wireless), HDMI

The TV can be controlled with the black remote (power is the top-left button, input selection is the top-right button). Alternatively, use the physical power and input selection buttons on the back of the bottom-left corner of the display.

If no input is received on the display for more than ten minutes, it will automatically power off.

Please make sure the display is turned off when you are finished using it.

Apple TV Instructions

AppleTV allows wireless connection from most Apple devices via AirPlay. Apple provides AirPlay instructions for the devices below.

MacOS iPhone, iPad, or iPod 

Device Name: BIOC-Rm 571-1549

Set the TV input to AppleTV to view your shared screen. You will be prompted to enter a 4-digit code to connect.

Once connected, you can adjust display resolution, screen mirroring or extended display, etc. as desired within your device's System Preferences/Settings.

HDMI Cable Instructions

An HDMI cable is connected to the display. Set the TV's input to HDMI Cable to use the HDMI connection to share your screen.

Once connected, you can adjust display resolution, screen mirroring or extended display, etc. as desired from your devices System Preferences/Settings.

Please coil the cable neatly on the hook when done to prevent damage.

Lighting Controls

The lighting control panel offers five lighting levels.

  • Top Button – Full Lighting – Activates all programmable lights in the room – 10 second delay to allow eyes to adjust
  • Second Button – 50% Lighting – Dims lighting to approximately 50% – 5 second delay to allow eyes to adjust
  • Third Button – 30% Lighting – Dims lighting to approximately 30% – 5 second delay to allow eyes to adjust
  • Fourth Button – 50% Table Lights Only – This option only uses lights directly over the tables and dims them to approximately 50% – 5 second delay to allow eyes to adjust
  • Off – 10 second delay to allow eyes to adjust

Please make sure all lights are off when you leave the room.

Window Blinds

The window blinds are controlled using the two switches near the closet door (to the left of the TV). The left switch controls the long wall (north or lake facing) and the right switch controls the short (east or DeLuca Biochemical Sciences facing).

Need Additional Assistance?

If you need immediate assistance please try the following phone numbers:

Biochem IT – 608-265-4695
Biochemistry External Relations – 608-262-0622
Biochemistry Front Desk – 608-262-3040

To report an equipment issue or for other concerns, see Get Help from Biochemistry IT!.

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