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Office 365 - View or send the source of an email message header

This document explains how to view and/or forward the source of an email message. If you wish to send a message to email administrators, it is recommended that you forward the message as an attachment so the headers are included as well as the body.

Note: If you are planning to report a message as spam or not-spam, please follow steps outlined in the following article: Office 365 - Submit a message as spam/phishing.

  •  Outlook on the web
    • To view the headers:

      1. Log into Outlook on the web.
      2. Go to Mail.
      3. Open/View the message that you want to view the headers of.
      4. Within the message, click on the "..." (three dots) next to the "Reply/Reply all/forward arrow" action button and select View message details. The 'Message details' window will appear containing the header information of the message.

      To send as an attachment:

      1. Log into Outlook on the web.
      2. Click New message.
      3. Click the pop-out icon, message popout button, located at the top right corner of the message window. This will open this message as its own window within your browser.
      4. Next, organize your browser windows so that you can view both your mail folder listing and the new message window.
      5. Drag the email, from your mail folder list, that you want to include in the message you are composing. It will be included as an attachment. Important: If you are currently in 'Conversation' view, all the messages within the conversation will be attached. If you only want a specific message to be attached, change your view to 'Messages' then attach. Control view settings.
      6. Enter any other relative information and click Send button.

      Note: The recipient(s) will receive this message which will include the message you dragged into it as an attachment.

  •  Outlook for Windows
    • To view the Headers

      1. Open up a message by double-clicking on it
      2. Click File tab in the top left of the message
      3. Choose Properties from the bottom of the list and you'll see Internet Headers listed at the bottom

      To send as an attachment

      1. Open up a message by double clicking on it.
      2. Within Message tab, in the 'Respond' group, click on More to get a drop-down option of forwarding/sending as an attachment

  •  Outlook for Mac
    • To view the source

      1. Right-click the message within your folder listing.
      2. Select "View Source" from the drop-down menu. A window will open showing the header information of the selected message.

      To forward a message as an attachment

      1. Click HOME tab.
      2. Select Message.
      3. Click the "Forward this message as Attachment" button from within the ribbon bar to forward the message as an attachment.

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