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Move WiscList Main Lists Now: Automatic Migration Begins Nov 16

Posted: 2020-10-28 13:41:39   Expiration: 2020-11-27 13:41:39

Disclaimer: This news item was originally posted on 2020-10-28 13:41:39. Its content may no longer be timely or accurate.

Last week, DoIT Communications sent an email to anyone currently listed as a WiscList administrator on at least one email distribution list to migrate their lists to Google Groups, or be moved by the WiscList migration team to Google Groups beginning in November. This is a summary of this effort and the surrounding messaging.

What Action Is Required?

List administrators need to move their lists now, or they will be moved by our team beginning November 16. If list admins need us to delay migrating their Wisclist until the week of December 21, please fill out this form.

We are asking list administrators to migrate lists to Google Groups or Office 365 Groups. The vast majority of list administrators will prefer Google Groups because the service features are most similar to the current WiscList. Those who think they may prefer the features of Office 365 over Google Groups are encouraged to take this quiz for verification.

What Is This?

This is the final phase of the WiscList Migration project that began in 2019. The application that runs the WiscList service will soon be decommissioned so we are migrating our email distribution lists to other supported services.

What Happens To The Old @Lists.Wisc.Edu Email Address?

This and many other questions are answered on our FAQ.

Still Need Help?

If you have questions about this process, please refer to the WiscList Migration Project website for news and FAQs, work with your department’s IT staff or contact the Help Desk. If you have multiple groups that you’d like to migrate as a batch, please contact Help Desk for support, and they will escalate your request to the WiscList Migration team.

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-- DoIT Help Desk: Dana Gerber-Margie