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How to Change Your NetID Password

Posted: 19:00:00, Sunday, Oct 8, 2006   Expiration: 19:00:00, Thursday, Mar 29, 2007  

The Office of Campus Information Security will soon begin auditing NetID passwords for complexity. If your password does not meet the minimum standards, you will receive an email asking you to change it.

Follow the directions below to change your NetID password.

NetID - Modifying your Account

If you have not changed your NetID password by March 2007, your password will be changed for you, and you will not be able to use your NetID and the resources it protects until you have reset your password.

Please call the Help Desk at 264-HELP (4357) for assistance changing your NetID password. The Help Desk cannot change NetID passwords via email.

For more information on the campus NetID password reset policy, and links to other information on campus passwords and best security practices, please see http://www.doit.wisc.edu/news/story.asp?filename=703.

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