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Box Sync not supported on Apple M1 & M2 devices

Posted: 2023-06-20 10:31:25   Expiration: 2025-06-01 10:31:25

Box Sync is not supported on Apple M-series devices. macOS users are encouraged to switch to Box Drive, which is fully supported with Apple M-series processors.

Are you a UW-Madison Box user? Do you access your Box account with the Box Sync desktop client? Do you also use a Mac device? If so, read on to learn more about a limitation with Box Sync and devices using the latest Mac processor. 

In late 2020, Apple began transitioning from Intel processors to Apple Silicon M-series processors (e.g. M1 or M2 chips). While these new chips offer increased processing speed and power, they have limitations when working with older applications and services, one of them being Box Sync. This application, originally built for Apple devices with Intel processors, is not currently supported on Apple Silicon devices that use M1 or M2 processors. 

Currently, Apple offers the Rosetta 2 translation layer to enable apps, like Box Sync, to continue to run on Macs with the new M-series chips. This enables you to continue using Box Sync, however, Box expects Rosetta 2 may be discontinued as early as this year. When this occurs, Box Sync will no longer launch on your Apple Silicon device.

Box Drive has been updated to run on devices with M-series chips. If you are currently using an Apple Silicon device, we recommend you switch from Box Sync to Box Drive as soon as possible to avoid a service disruption.

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