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Clarify upgrade weekend procedures

Posted: 2002-03-22 09:45:24   Expiration: 2002-03-22 09:45:24

Disclaimer: This news item was originally posted on 2002-03-22 09:45:24. Its content may no longer be timely or accurate.

For this weekend's Clarify outage, special procedures have been put in place regarding customer lookup, logging cases, posting Impact 1 info, and installing Clarify client...

Phone Script

There is a revised phone script for use after the update is finished. This is due to the removal of the facstaff home contact information. See:

Looking Up People

While Clarify is unavailable, there are several ways to look someone up:
  1. TH utility.
  2. UW Search at
  3. LDAP via Eudora or Outlook.
Starting Mystify (Clarify substitute)

Agents should be using the Mystify database while Clarify is unavailable. See "Mystify User Instructions" for details:
Logging Cases

During this weekend's Clarify outage, there will be an exception to opening a case for each customer contact. For this limited time, only two types of customer contacts need to be entered:
  1. Cases needing to be escalated.
  2. Cases where the customer will call back.
Notify HDI

Agents should let HDI staff know when they create the following cases:
  1. Outages
  2. Special Handling customers
Clarify client installation Questions

See Clarify 10.1 installation using LANDesk

HDI Reminders

There is special handling of callers with the Chancellor/Provost Office. see the webdoc Chancellor's / Provost's Office Special Handling Information

Manual Impact 1 Posting

When Clarify is back up, do the following:

  1. Find and handle the Mystify cases for the special handling customers: Chancellor, Bascom, USS, SoHE, Med School and International Institute.
  2. Ensure that the rest of the cases are entered in Clarify.
  3. Update all cases as appropriate.
If Clarify is not available Monday morning:

  1. Look for Chancellor cases, Bascom/Bascom LAN server (should be up by 8 AM).
  2. Contact techs as appropriate and update cases.
  3. Look through the cases for Gold/Silver customers.
  4. Contact techs as appropriate.
  5. Handle other cases as appropriate.

-- Chris Mayeshiba