Software Available to Faculty/Staff and Students on Campus Software Library

This doc shows what software is available to UW faculty, staff, and students on the campus software library.

  • Emeritus faculty and retired staff are only able to access the software listed under "Utility" in the Campus Software Library and will not have access to Microsoft or Adobe titles. For antivirus for emeritus faculty and retired staff, check the free antivirus software link.
  • Employees of UW-Hospital and UW-Extension are not eligible for most or all of the software listed. If you believe you are eligible for a particular piece of software and it does not show up, please email licensing at to confirm eligibility.
  • Faculty and staff have access to Adobe Creative Cloud software through federated login. There are no pre-built Adobe installers on the CSL. IT staff who have requested access to the Adobe Enterprise Admin Console by emailing adobe at can build custom installers there with a variety of options. Current student information for Adobe Creative Cloud can be found at the Adobe Student Subscription KB doc.
  • Faculty, staff, and students have access to Microsoft Office through the Microsoft 365 portal.
  • Site-licensed Microsoft and other software intended for installation by IT staff is available to TP Primes and other IT staff on the CSL. IT staff can request access to that software by emailing microsoft at 

Campus Software Library

Additional software may be available to staff who placed orders for departmental software through the Tech Store (that mostly refers to purchases of Microsoft Select licenses and some of the math and stats software)—please refer to Using the Software Order Form to Purchase Departmental Software for instructions. That software will be available to download after customer clicks the "Purchased Software" link that will appear for them on the CSL home page. If a customer contacts us because the person who purchased the software is not the same person who needs to download it, please email licensing at

 Software Name  Vendor  Windows  Mac  Linux  Students  Grad Students  Facstaff
 AxPyMOL  Schroedinger Software  32-bit and 64-bit      Y  Y  Y
 Captivate  Adobe  64-bit only  Y        Y
 ChemDraw Professional      PerkinElmer  Y  Y    Y  Y  Y
 Cisco AMP (for university-owned machines)  Cisco  Y  Y        Y
 Cisco Intrado ESL (E911) Softphone Locator  Cisco  Y  Y    Y  Y  Y
 Cisco Jabber  Cisco  Y  Y    Y  Y  Y
 Cisco Webex (formerly Webex Teams)  Cisco  Y  Y    Y  Y  Y
 IDL - Data Visualization Software  L3Harris Geospatial  Y  Y  Y      Y
 JMP Genomics      SAS Institute  Y      Y  Y  Y
 JMP Pro      SAS Institute  64-bit  64-bit    Y  Y  Y
 Labview Academic Site License      National Instruments  32-bit and 64-bit  Y    Y  Y  Y
 Maple    Maplesoft  32-bit and 64-bit  Y  64-bit      Y
 Mastercam Home Learning Edition (HLE)  Mastercam        Y  Y  Y
 Mathematica      Wolfram  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y
 Matlab       MathWorks  64-bit  64-bit  64-bit  Y  Y  Y
 NVivo   QSR International  32-bit and 64-bit  64-bit        Y
 Oracle Interactive Reporting Studio Download v11.1.1.4 (all UW campuses)  Oracle  Y
 OriginLab    OriginLab Corporation            Y
 PyMOL  Schroedinger Software
 Y    Y  Y  Y  Y
 QWS3270 Secure  Jolly Giant            Y
 R - FREE Statistics Substitute for IBM SPSS Statistics Premium  R Core Team        Y  Y  Y
 SAS     SAS Institute  32-bit          Y
 SAS Server    SAS Institute            Y
 SecureCRT    VanDyke Software  32-bit and 64-bit  License file only - download software from VanDyke  License file only - download software from VanDyke  Y  Y  Y
 SecureFX    VanDyke Software  32-bit and 64-bit  License file only - download software from VanDyke  License file only - download software from VanDyke  Y  Y  Y
 Sigma Plot Concurrent License  Systat Software            Y
 SmartDraw Suite    SmartDraw, LLC        Y  Y  Y
 SolidWorks  Dassault Systemes        Y  Y  Y
 Spirion (Identity Finder)  Spirion  Y  Y        Y
 SPSS    IBM  64-bit  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y
 StarNet FastX Client  StarNet  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y
 StarNet FastX Server  StarNet            Y
 StarNet X-Win32 (X-server software for PCs) Node Locked  StarNet            Y
 StarNet X-Win32 (X-server software for PCs) Server License  StarNet            Y
 Stata  StataCorp  Y  Y  64-bit  Y  Y  Y
 TreeSize Professional 32-bit and 64-bit    JAM Software        Y  Y  Y
 Trend Micro Maximum Security (for personally owned facstaff Mac machines)  Trend Micro    Y        Y
 Windows 10 Education for students (includes free upgrade to Windows 11)  Microsoft  32-bit and 64-bit Only in Boot Camp or with 3rd-party emulation software.    Y  Y  
 Windows Defender (part of Windows 10/11, for personally owned Windows machines)  Microsoft  Y      Y  Y  Y
 Other free antivirus software not on the CSL (for MacOS machines owned by students)  Microsoft    Y    Y  Y  

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