NetID Login Troubleshooting Overview

A collection of information and documents in reference to troubleshooting NetID login issues.
  1. NetID Password Reset / Account Recovery
  2. Login Problems
  3. Individuals with Multiple Identities
  4. Recovering a Forgotten NetID
  5. Failed Password Attempts Notification

NetID Password Reset / Account Recovery

For instructions on resetting a NetID password please see this document:

Login Problems

If you are having problems logging into a web service (such as WiscMail or MyUW) or a computer workstation with your NetID, perform the following steps to attempt to resolve the problem.

  1. Verify you are entering your NetID in all lower-case letters.

    Note: If you are entering a 10-digit string of numbers, this is your Campus/Photo ID, which is not the same as your NetID.

  2. If you do not know your NetID, see NetID - Recovering a Forgotten NetID
  3. If you have forgotten your password, see NetID Account Recovery (Password Reset)
  4. Verify you are using one of the NetID - Recommended Browsers.
  5. Clear your web browser's cookies and cache (see Clearing Browser Cache and Cookies).
  6. Setup your browser to accept cookies (use the "managing cookies" links on the bottom of Web Browsers - Cookies FAQ).
  7. If you still cannot login, call or visit the DoIT Help Desk. For security reasons, these issues cannot be resolved via email or chat. To contact the DoIT Help Desk: Get Help from DoIT

If you are in a computer lab environment, you may not have privileges to perform some of these steps, or some of them may not be applicable to your situation. Please contact the lab's support staff for assistance.

See Also:

Individuals with Multiple Identities

This document is for External Service Providers that describes how to handle cases where an individual is unable to access their services possibly due to unlinked source records.

Individuals are granted access to services based on their affiliation with the university.

IAM receives identity information from different sources such as the Student System, HRS, Medical Foundation, etc and identities that meet certain demographic criteria are linked. This ensures that an individual will have access to resources, granted by multiple affiliations, through a single NetID.

However, certain users may have unlinked identity records because of discrepancies in data values in different sources.

If you have a user who is not able to access a service that they are supposed to and suspect that they might have unlinked identity records:

  • Please ask the user if they have any affiliation to the university other than the one that is shown. For example, if you only see student affiliation for a user who is both a student and an employee.

  • Please ask the user to contact the Help Desk to report the issue.


  • Do not contact the help desk for the user.
  • Do not tell the user that they might have a duplicate identity.

Recovering a Forgotten NetID

For instructions on recovering a forgotten NetID please see this document:

Failed Password Attempts Notification

Your NetID password has been identified as having more than 500 failed login attempts since the last time you changed your NetID password.

<Customer Name>,

Your NetID password has been identified as having more than 500 failed login attempts since the last time you changed your password.

Too many failed login attempts may cause your password to weaken and potentially allow the unauthorized use of your account.

We encourage you to manually change your NetID password.

For systems that require an InCommon Silver Certified NetID and password, you will be prompted to change your password before gaining access.

Numerous failed logins can be the result of:

  • Mistyping a password: You may be mistyping your NetID or password, causing the system to log failed authentication attempts.
  • Misconfigured device: You may own a mobile device that is continually trying to use an incorrect password to automatically sync. 
        Check your devices to ensure they contain the correct username and password for your account.
        Search the DoIT KnowledgeBase for information on how to configure your device or software. 
  • A third party may be attempting to access your account in an unauthorized manner.
        Contact the DoIT Help Desk at 264-HELP if you are concerned about unauthorized access to your account.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this message please email

Review the following additional resources about your NetID and InCommon Silver:

·      Resetting a forgotten password

·      Changing account recovery questions

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