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Using Polling in Zoom

Using the Polling feature in Zoom

Instructional Challenge

As you are teaching, it is important to find ways of soliciting feedback and measuring students' understanding of content. Polling is a good way of both measuring understanding and engaging students in the process of learning. This document walks instructors through setting up and using the Polling features in a Zoom session.


Setting Up Polls in Zoom

  • Once in your scheduled Zoom meeting, select Poll. Click Add to create a new poll. You can create multiple polls before your meeting and call them up anytime in that session.
  • Enter a title for the poll.
  • If you want poll results to be anonymous, select the Anonymous box (Note: this is not selected by default).
  • Enter the poll question.
  • Select whether you want a single-choice or multiple-choice question.
  • Enter each polling answer.
  • Select Add a Question to add additional questions, or select Save.

Presenting Polls in Zoom

  • Start your Zoom meeting.
  • Select Polls.
  • If you have created multiple polls, select the desired poll.
  • Select Launch Poll.
  • To complete the poll, select End Poll.
  • If you want to share the poll results with students on the screen, select Share Results. You are not able to view how individual students responded during the class. You can, however, view a polling report after the meeting ends.
  • If you want to poll students again (e.g., pre- and post-activity) select Re-Launch.
  • If you want to see individual responses to polling questions, they are only available after the meeting. To view them:
    • End your meeting.
    • Go to the Zoom portal (
    • Select Reports, then Meeting.
    • Next to the Report Type, select Poll Report.
    • Select the time range of the meeting you administered the report and select Search. (Note: You must do this even if your meeting appears below to generate a polling report).
    • Select the Generate link next to your meeting.
    • Select Download and open it in Microsoft Excel.

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